Water + Soap + Water Sprayer = Ant's Maker





Introduction: Water + Soap + Water Sprayer = Ant's Maker

Also try making your own ways.Be creative.Use glue or whatever.

Step 1: Get Some Water and a Lot of Soap.

Put the water in the sprayer then add a lot of soap.
Then you shake it.


When you do spray it should be really soapy and bubbly.

Step 3: Can't Do This?Here Are Some Alternatives.

Pour boiling water on the ant hill or wherever the ants are.
Use Borax to stop it in its track.
Baby powder works too,only better.
Fire+Pesticide Spray or Air Freshener or anything that's flammable = You know what'll happen.
Make chalk lines they actually move away from it.
Red chili powder or Paprika or any spicy powder.
Pour water on the ant hill I mean why not?
Pesticide Spray + Fire = Fire and the effect of the pesticide.
Throw rocks at it,put a stick in it,flip the hole ant hill over,put glue on it (doesn't matter which kind),just assault that ant hill!
Ants hate the smell of vinegar.
Give them corn meal.Causes indigestion to ants.
Wheat flour or dried rice.Both of these methods inflate in their stomachs and explodes.Pretty violent death huh?



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    Hey, this is a great instructable and is very informative. Just one thing is missing... pictures! It really helps a lot when trying to follow directions so you should consider taking some photographs. Once you do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks! Thanks for the cool instructable and we hope to publish this soon!

    Don't forget black pepper, it works too. :)

    or is that part of the anything spicy?

    That is a really creative way of getting rid of ants! Thanks! Now we won't have any ants invading the garden anymore!!!!! Does the soap kill of grass or plants? Can it be used for killing other pests?

    2 replies

    Its safe for grass, trees, bushes, flowers, fruits and veggies, pets and kids. And YES it kills and keeps away many things.... fleas, wasps, hornets, ants, spiders, snakes, scorpions and so many more. Always of course wash your fruits and veggies good before eating them. Let yard dry a little before letting dogs and cats out so they dont lick their wet paws. I use dishsoap for almost evrything, I wash my dogs with it, no fleas or ticks or anything else, I shampoo my carpets with dishsoap and water, no bugs, no roaches, no fleas, nothing and it cleans stains and carpets great and they make nice scents in dishsoap now so it smells great too, I put some dishsoap and water in a spray bottle and spray my furniture and beds, let dry and vacuum and NO, bed bugs no nothing and my stuff is clean and smells great!!! I have 5 dogs and 5 cats and I have NO bug issues. I also spray the bottom part of my house and fence and NO bugs, spraying the fence keeps the neighbors bugs away too. Spaying the house keeps bugs from getting in, and it cleans the siding and windows at same time. I do it twice a year, because I have kids and pets.

    I'm not sure about the soap killing grass or plants you should try that on a small patch of grass or a plant. I'm not sure about it killing other pests either.

    I'v been an exterminator for 25 yrs. and never thought of using soap and water for ants.I I will keep that in mind to tell people how to do it yourself. Also, soap and water is great for bees. Like when they nest under your eaves ect. It sticks to there wings and they can't fly. Thanks

    My dad used a tablespoon of gasoline down the hole then put a rock over it. If you light a fire, the ants just go down deep and the gas burns off. The rock keeps the fumes in and they die. Also, if conditions are dry, you have a problem with setting the gas on fire, the whole area goes up in smoke. People get really cranky when their yard or house catches on fire.

    2 replies

    potentially very dangerous and may also cause groundwater pollution. pouring a tablespoon of gasoline is not a lot but it is an explosive and you don't need much to cause a lot of damage. Also if you put a rock over the hole perhaps you will also have a projectile that could cause injuries to others besides the ants or damage to property. BE CAREFUL with gasoline!!