Water Spayer




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Introduction: Water Spayer

Step 1: Materials

•Scotch Tape •Towel •Water sprayer (or whatever it's called)

Step 2: Dry It Off

Dry off sprayer so the tape will stick and not fall off. :)

Step 3: Tape It Down

Tape a piece of scotch tape about 2 ins. Long and tape down tigger.

Step 4: Angle It

Angle sprayer so it will hit and soak victim.

Step 5: Just Wait and Watch

Now just wait and watch as your victim gets soaked. ;)



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    This is a great idea but I would be a little suspicious if I saw a piece of tape wrapped around the trigger.

    3 replies

    This has been a tradition in my family for years! You would be suprised how easy it is to over look clear tape, we use a rubber band and it still works (and that can be seen from across the room). It is such an everyday motion that I have gotten myself and others would get it twice in a short time span. Classic prank!

    ive actually done this using brightly colored hair bands. nobody really pays attention to the sprayer when they turn on the faucet. i once got one of my wife's sisters twice in ten minutes. it really hit the fan though when i got one of her other sisters who happened to be wearing a white t-shirt and was not pleased with me.

    Alright I'm taking your word for it! I'm gonna have to try it out!


    This is one of those great classics that just works every time. Lol.


    its a little old fashion.