Water Sprayer Prank





Introduction: Water Sprayer Prank

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This is a great prank! I play on my family every year and they fall for it every single time!

Step 1: Set Up the Prank

For this prank all you need is a sink fixture that has a water sprayer (such as the one on the featured above) and clear tape (or a rubber band but tape is preferable). Simply wrap the tape around the sprayers trigger/ handle/thing you press to make it spray and your done (make sure the water is turned OFF during this step).

Step 2: Wait for a Victim

This step is pretty self explainatory......

Step 3: Laugh Your Butt Off!

Once your victim falls for the prank he should look a little like my victim did above, and the prank in action should look like mine did above (I used a rubber band everyone else noticed it but my single victim who fell for it)! (I then tried tape and it worked sooo much better) Enjoy pranking your co workers/ family/ friends!!!! Happy April Fools Day!!!!!!!!!



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    I've done this before, it is hilarious!

    This is a awesome idea! I hope you win the Aprils fools contest! 5*

    thanks but that didnt happen.......

    Brosif, LOVE THIS! i do this every year too. Great ible. Dueces 4 life

    VOTE for this instructable and for Best April Fools Day Prank EVER

    How many more times do we have to see this one, in the same way...?
    You should get the use of a camera and photograph it. If your family are stupid enough to fall for this every year, you should be able to get some great pictures (if you can hold the camera steady while laughing)

    (Please don't nick other people's stuff)


    The only reason I used those photos is because I don't have a camera to use. And thanks for the support! BTW-nice joke at the end and I swear they fall for it every year. I know this ones been done a THOUSAND times too.