This is a great prank! I play on my family every year and they fall for it every single time!

Step 1: Set Up the Prank

For this prank all you need is a sink fixture that has a water sprayer (such as the one on the featured above) and clear tape (or a rubber band but tape is preferable). Simply wrap the tape around the sprayers trigger/ handle/thing you press to make it spray and your done (make sure the water is turned OFF during this step).

Step 2: Wait for a Victim

This step is pretty self explainatory......

Step 3: Laugh Your Butt Off!

Once your victim falls for the prank he should look a little like my victim did above, and the prank in action should look like mine did above (I used a rubber band everyone else noticed it but my single victim who fell for it)! (I then tried tape and it worked sooo much better) Enjoy pranking your co workers/ family/ friends!!!! Happy April Fools Day!!!!!!!!!
I've done this before, it is hilarious!
This is a awesome idea! I hope you win the Aprils fools contest! 5*
thanks but that didnt happen.......
Brosif, LOVE THIS! i do this every year too. Great ible. Dueces 4 life
wow matt this is so u
Ya it was..... <br>
Hope I win!!!!!!!
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<br> How many more times do we have to see this one, in the same way...?<br> You should get the use of a camera and photograph it. If your family are stupid enough to fall for this <em>every year</em>, you should be able to get some great pictures (if you can hold the camera steady while laughing)<br> <br> (Please don't nick <a href="http://www.dyers.org/blog/archives/2008/04/02/1gfs-april-fools-payback/">other people's stuff</a>)<br> <br> L<br>
The only reason I used those photos is because I don't have a camera to use. And thanks for the support! BTW-nice joke at the end and I swear they fall for it every year. I know this ones been done a THOUSAND times too.
A really good photo would make a difference, if you could get one..<br> <br> L<br>
But I cant which sucks...... (what do you mean by make a difference?)

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