In our first episode of Deconstructing IoT, we talked about how the Internet of Things can provide solutions to the problems posed by water waste, and built a simple application to measure water flow from a household faucet. Here, we'll go through the steps behind building that water usage monitoring device with Temboo and Texas Instruments hardware. We’ll log data in a Google Spreadsheet, and then use Zendesk to create an alert if water is being wasted.

Step 1: Get Set Up

To build this project, you’ll need:

  • A TI CC3200 LaunchPad
  • A USB A – Micro B cable
  • A potentiometer
  • Some wires
  • A faucet with a rotating handle

You'll also need a Temboo account, a Google spreadsheet, a Zendesk account, and the latest version of the open source Energia IDE. You can create a Temboo account here, create a Google account here, create a Zendesk account here, and download Energia here.

For this example to work, the columns of the Google spreadsheet that you are using must be labeled. It doesn’t matter what the labels are as long as the first cell in each column that you are using has some text in it, so for now, let’s use one column and label it “Water Flow.”

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