Picture of Water Vortex Bottle
A refillable water bottle that revitalises and enhances your drink by creating a vortex. This simple design facilitates an energy transformation, which leaves your water tasting notably lighter, softer, and more refreshing. The water spins from the top bottle through the hourglass neck into the lower bottle. Give it a brief circular shake, and this energy will transfer into an extended vortex formation as the water descends, which can last about 10 seconds (depending on the size and shape of your bottle). After you have turned and vortexed your bottle a few times, simply unscrew the neck to drink your exceptional water.
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Step 1: Find your bottles!

Picture of Find your bottles!
Collect two empty drink bottles of the same size (and same shape for aesthetic reasons), with screw-on lids.

Step 2: Gather your tools

Picture of Gather your tools
You will need some type of glue and a drill. We used a hot glue gun, but you can use anything that can join plastics or metals together (depending on your lid type).

Step 3: Join the lids

Picture of Join the lids
Cover the outside top of both lids with glue and join them together, back-to-back. Try not to have any channel in the glue between the two surfaces that water could seep through. Also try to minimise the glue in the centre of the lids where you will be drilling the hole and it could have contact with your water (in case the glue is a bit toxic).

Step 4: Seal the joins

Picture of Seal the joins
Use extra glue or filler to seal around the join on the outside of the lids.

Step 5: Drill the hole

Picture of Drill the hole
Drill a small starter hole into the center of the lid with an appropriate drill tool for your lid material. Once you have pierced the material, you can change to a larger drill bit to increase the size to no less than 1/4 inch diameter.

Step 6: Sand the hole

Picture of Sand the hole
Use sandpaper to smooth the edge of the hole to remove any loose particles.