Picture of Water bot
This is another robot i made when i got bored
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Step 1: Materials

<1>Button cell Battery
<2>Mini Fan motor
<3>Hot glue gun
<4>Plastic Prize cup thingy from pizza plus
<5>tiny piece of tape

Step 2: Hot glue

Push the hot part through the top Then insert your motor and seal it with the hot glue so water cant get in

Step 3: Wire it

Picture of Wire it
Wire it to the tape and battery so it goes without touching it and then seal it and set it in your pool bath,Etc. Have fun
pals14 years ago
can u plz mail me a video of it so that i can have an idea
Tape56 (author)  pals14 years ago
sure it might take me a while to figure out how i only have a web cam ill try though
rickharris4 years ago
I may have missed this in the wealth of information you have provided here but why WATER bot??
Last comment: ...set it in your pool bath,Etc.