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A simple solution to walking the dogs in an area with no water points.Basically two soda bottles one cut,in half lengthways.It then clips over the other.I sewed up a simple carrier and hey presto the dogs get that much needed drink of water on their walk.
So all you need is two,2 litre bottles a cutter knife,some webbing,a quick release buckle a sewing machine and about 20 minutes.This is my first post here so lets hope i get all the steps down.

Step 1: Tools and materials

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all you need is two,2 litre bottles a cutter knife,some webbing,a quick release buckle a sewing machine and about 20 minutes.
Phoenix Flare7 months ago
Very cute! Pretty creative and resourceful
jujubeetuna18 months ago
cheap and easy. makes pouring water back into dog bottle a snap.
Steeler (author)  jujubeetuna18 months ago
acuchetto2 years ago
@ve2fd I can't visualize your description. Any chance you could illustrate it?
acuchetto2 years ago
Just what I needed. Thank you!
Awesome, looks amazingly simple, I might do this for my cat. Well, he's my cat sometimes.
The truest statement I have ever read. :P
Just yesterday i saw someone with a store bought version walking their dog!
i was going to make this for my dog. but all things must come to an end, she has a rare case of cancer with no cure. R.I.P sasha
annienm5 years ago
instead of cutting the bottle in half you could just cut off the bottom and use that for your bowl. It should just slip over the bottom of the intact bottle. I have small dogs so this will work well for me. Thanks for the great instructible.
Lhtrf annienm5 years ago
That's true, though if your dog's tongue is the size of the whole bottom, nothing left than this one.
anibioman5 years ago
 i did this with a juice bottle with the bottom cut off
pachinko6 years ago
Thank you for a great idea! It is especially relevant in the hot weather as dogs tend to dehydrate very fast. Keep up the good work. Pachinko
ngio646 years ago
Thank you, I will try it with a smaller bottle for my little dog. Brilliant!
djzadjza6 years ago
wow that is really a great idea
Navman3-606 years ago
yes thanks but i cut a 1L bottle 3 halfways and it turned into a double dish!! _ 4
artist76 years ago
very clever, and thank you for thinking about our furry buddies.
wow ausome my dog uses this all the time now
thanks for this ible! my dog in winter was thirsty. The daft mutt walked onto a icy pond , scraped a hole and drank her fill. Until the ice broke. Thankfully it wasn't very deep and she waded back, soggy and cold.
ikenovak6 years ago
Woww. I have been faced with this dilemma multiple times, yet never even thought of doing this. My puppy thanks you
omnibot6 years ago
Great and simple idea, I'm making one (smaller) for our cat.
Steeler (author) 6 years ago
The webbing is the nylon 20mm webbing easily available at camping\tenting stores,it is easily sewn up using a domestic sewing machine.Although get the thicker Polyester thread(Serafil is the brand i use).Measure up the length for the shoulder strap and add in the adjustable quick release buckle. Make two loops the diameter of the bottle and sew them in place as in the pic.Hope this helps. Steeler.
Would appreciate more details on the making of the carrier. Great idea, though.
Cool. My dog just drinks straight from the bottle. We just tip the bottle and she laps up the stream of water coming out. She only drinks when she is not distracted though.
she has you well trained
She actually refuses to drink from a bowl. I think it's her instincts telling her "stagnant is bad, running is good."
I'll put your idea to use next month when we travel with the dogs. The dog reminds me of my parents' dog. She's a chow mix.
patients puddles (Small).jpg
Steeler (author)  container_gardener7 years ago
They certainly have the same colouring. Shaggy is a Sable shepherd basically an all brown German shepherd.
SHAGGY copy.jpg
RE7 years ago
Fantastic idea, I think I will have to do this and keep it in my truck. Thank you!
Shifrin7 years ago
Brennn107 years ago
I love the simplicity. My family takes my dogs on some long walks, and this would be perfect!
ve2vfd7 years ago
Simple, yet elegant! I love it. As a small improvement, maybe use the other half of the cut bottle, remove middle and use to balance the doggy-dish on ground?
thats a good idea