Water Bottle Practical Joke


Introduction: Water Bottle Practical Joke

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In this instructable I will explain how to make a water bottle that looks like water will spill all over but it has a seal besides the cap. You can easily trick people by acting like you are going to splash them with water, but the water stays in the bottle.

You will need
water bottle
hot glue
some plastic

Step 1: Making the Bottle

First you have to fill the the bottle about 3/4 full. Then get a circular piece of plastic and glue it in. Make sure that the seal is good otherwise water is going to come out.

Step 2: Have Fun With It

When it is unexpected just pull out the bottle and fake spill it on someone and get a funny reaction.



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    Ha i came back to this by accident and forgot I had seen this instructable and almost gave myself a heart attack when i saw my own comment!

    seems great, would it also work with glad wrap or cling film

    It isn't very noticeable if you take the cap off and act like you are going to drink from it and then you "splash" the person with water.