This Instructable tells you how to create a rocket out of a water bottle and other household items. this requires some knowledge in carving but you don't need to know much. So follow the steps and have fun.

I wont guarantee it will fly. Any injuries will be your problem not mine!

Step 1: Get Your Materials

What you will need is...

1. one water bottle with cap
2. two thin pieces of wood or two business cards
3. one cork
4. duck tape
5. one Estes C6-5 rocket engine
6. Estes electron beam rocket launcher
7. Estes fuse
8. Straw
9. Estes launch pad

the tools you will need is...

1. a hot glue gun but you could use tape
2. a hobby knife
3. if you want a soldering gun
If you stand back it wont hurt you. Also again I wont guarantee it will fly but it is still cool to watch.
Cool!I never thought of using a engine to propel a bottle.
I rather think that thirst thing that happens is that the rocket motor comes loose and rattles around inside the bottle, melting it and igniting the goo.<br/><br/>The whole mess will probably bounce randomly around the ground, spraying burning plastic all over the bystanders.<br/><br/><sub>Or am I just being pessimistic? </sub><br/>
What's holding the rocket-motor in? This looks like it may be rather unpredictable in flight... L

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