Just a cheap but effective fix for a broken water can. Enjoy!!

Step 1: Pcs Needed

The shower tip on my water can broke, so I took some PVC parts I had and made a new one. These cans are very expensive, so this was better. And it even worked better than expected. I used the can I already had, a small length of 3/4" PVC pipe (24" or so) and a 3/4" PVC cap.

<p>I'd suggest using an expansion fitting to get a bigger diameter and then drill more but smaller holes in the larger end cap. Will give you more of a shower effect. </p><p>If you don't permanently attach the endcap, you can pop it off when a leaf gets in the can and blocks the water flow.</p>
<p>Great Idea. I hate my watering can cause it has a flat face and it always dribbles instead of showers. I'm gonna try your fix.</p>

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