Picture of Water meter + Arduino = Aquameterduino !
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After a bad water damage (our cellar basically filled up whilst we were away for several days), I decided to monitor our water usage for anomalies. Enters Arduino...

The idea of this project is to use an arduino to count every drop of water that goes through the water company meter. Said arduino needs to be connected to my LAN so that I can query it on a regular basis, it also needs to be aware of (real) time so it can timestamp the water consumption.

For this project you will need:
- an arduino
- an ethernet shield + sd card (based on the W5100 chip)
- a proto shield
- a realtime clock (http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=DS1307+Based+Real+Time+Clock)
- a shmitt trigger (e.g. 74C14N)
- a capacity (1 microF)
- some resitors (20kohm and about 100Kohm)
- a reed switch
- a reed switch-enabled water meter (Gioanola, about 75 euros http://www.gioanola.it/download/downen/08_eloutput_EN_HI.pdf)

- a set of passive POE cables (http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=Passive+Power+over+Ethernet)


I asked a professional to mount a basic water meter right behind the Water Company one (which by law, I cannot touch). Said basic meter has a little magnet on one of its internal wheels and is shipped with a reed switch. So, in practice, everytime a liter goes through it, the switch is closed momentarily. Of course this switch needs to be de-bounced. This could be done by sotfware but we'll come back to that...

The arduino will serve basic http requests so that it can be queried over the LAN and will also log its activity onto a SD card. So this arduino will be a very busy one... at times. Hence the necessity for the reed switch signals to be conveyed through interrupts so that we never miss a signal. This basically rules out debouncing the switch through software as interrupts and timer do not cohabitate nicely.

Hardware debouncer it is, then !

Hi! Try site narodmon.ru to send info and get graph and alarm settings.

Im use it.

Look for example here http://narodmon.ru/8779

and radiation monitor http://narodmon.ru/1547

warlock406 months ago
Would it be difficult to add a notification feature to either email or audible alarm. I had a leaking toilet dump hundreds of $$ of water into the drain and didn't notice the usage until the bill. I'd like to add some analytics to the resulting data to tell without looking daily when something goes wrong
nicoo (author)  warlock406 months ago
Hi warlock40, this is the point of watermeter.sh. This script retrieves the Aquameter log file and performs a bunch of actions based on the water consumption.
It does send an alarm email (which caught a couple of toilet leaks for me !).
Take care,
Very nice project. Im am thinking of doing the exact same thing, in order to curb the ever rising cost of water, and possibly be able to detect water leaks. I have put together the following Fritzing sketch as I am not a electronics bofin at all. Would you be so kind as to check and let me know if this is correct.
Sorry the image
Mchlpl2 years ago
What you need now is an electrovalve, so that you can remotely cut off water in case of suspicious readouts :)
hankenstien3 years ago
Another thing that this project made me think of, is if you have a pool that you put up the water company charges you water usage and sewage usage, they assume that the water is being processed in there sewer system, and in some states this can be more expensive then the water usage an the return delivery fee, setting one of these up, could save you alot, especially if you happen to have a pump with a reed switch. I really like your idea, even the case is nice good job all around my friend! Its just one of those that make you think.
nicoo (author)  hankenstien3 years ago
Thank you for your comment. This meter has proven handy to monitor my sprinkler system too... only to realize that most of our water usage goes into watering the lawn ! This will probably convince me to recycle rain water somehow.

Let me know what you end up building yourself.

Take care,
hankenstien3 years ago
MAN, that looks like a disastrous, hope you didnt lose too much in the flooding, good invention though.
Good day