In this instructable i´ll try to show you how to install a home water meter. In this case i decide to install a water meter because the pyment fixed fee it´s very expensive according to usage.

Let´s go to work

Step 1: Materials

You need this material:

*- A water meter (of course!) in mi case a 3/4 new generation polymer home water meter.

*- 1st step water filter (this can be removed) but i considered usefull.

*- 2 3/4 galvanized union nut. (it can be copper but it´s more expensive)

*- 2 3/4 copper elbows.

*- 1 3/4 copper elbow with rope.

*- 4 3/4 copper weldable coupling. If you removed water filter only use 2.

*- 3/4 copper tuber. The quantity that you need.

*- Teflon tape.

*- Anti-seize can

*- Blowtorch, welding and solder paste.
<p>USA water meter threads are not standard pipe threads. They are straight threads designed to be installed with a union coupling nut and gaskets, not thread tape. Just search &quot;meter coupling&quot; to find the correct item. They are not in your typical hardware store, so you may need to buy online. They will also be lead-free brass that is safe and designed for plumbing systems.</p>
A better option for the unions would have dielectric unions, to keep the dissimilar metals from contacting each other.
Thanks for the advice <br> <br>In this particular situation i used dissimilar metals because the prices. I never seen this conector in my country maybe ignorance. <br> <br>In my installation i used only copper but this installation was for a frien that asked me for low cost and funcionality.

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