Water Pipeline Dan Cocacola Table Lamp





Introduction: Water Pipeline Dan Cocacola Table Lamp

About: I'm worry about my earth, so many plastics spread out in my sorounding, although still usable, but people don't care. By this sites and this program, let us save the earth. Bambang PE, www.sensatiocraft.bl...

Reused water pipeline and recycle cocacola bottle, can be connected with the pvc pipe. This is the nice and contemporer lamps, the alternativ lamp, make your room more interesting and different fronm another.
Bambang PE, Bogor - Indonesia

Step 1: Collect Reused Water Pipeline,recycle Cocacola Bothe, Cable, Fitting, Knee Pvc,pvc Pipe,boxes

Step 2: Cut Cocacola Botle Make Lampshade,prepare Fitting Put Inside the Pipe, and the Cable Knee.

Step 3: Connect the Cable With Fitting, and Put Inside Into the Water Pipeline and the Cable Knee.

Step 4: Connect Fitting, Knee Cable, Water Pipeline, and Box for Base, Put the Bottle As Lampshade on the Fitting.

Step 5: The Last Step Is Conecting All the Part, and Strengthen With Palctic Glue.



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    Using an energy saving mini-flourescent light bulb would be safer than a mini incandescent and would probably provide more light.

    I could also see a neat touch being to add a rotary switch or dimmer which is connected to the tap somehow.

    Good use of re-usable bits and bobs!

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    Yes you are correct, I hope you can visit www.sensatiocraft.blogspot.com to see another proyect, thank 's Wobbler, happy to know you....

    Thanks for the website ref, it was interesting and had some good ideas!

    This is a clever re-purposing of material. Good job! I have most of the same materials laying around so will make one myself using LEDs.

    The lamp designed for lamp night, need little bulb, 5-10 watt, it's running well in 24 hours.

    It could be advisable that you list not to leave the lamp on for long. Hot bulb with very thin plastic around it could cause problems. Other than that it's a good instructable, try re-writing it to make it a little more clear though. Don't bold everything and list the items needed a bit more clear.