Learn how to use some commonly available materials that you probably have around the house to make an awesome case-less flash drive.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will first gather your materials that you will need to make the flash drive,

You will need tape,



Two cups,

A small DISPOSABLE paint brush,

A plate,

And a tooth pick.

A dremel can also come in handy.
<p>i'm going to teardown my flash drive today. :)</p>
<p>Use a non-electrically conductive thermal casting epoxy. Higher performance flash drives last longer when they can dissipate heat from the NAND and microcontroller better. Something that is overlooked inmost all USB flash drives available.</p><p>Also be aware that no data recovery services will help you once you've done this to a flash drive.</p>
Let me ask a question. Why are we using a flash drive underwater?
I thought if the USB thingy that went into the computer got wet it would break
very nice, it think clear caulking will work too. no need for it to be water proof.
I think it is a cool. At my local BestBuy they have this super water proof drive that i think is also the same idea but this seems cheaper! The one I saw was $60.00 for 4GB
for me, a 2GB waterproof flash drive cost about $12 ( $11 for the flash drive and $1 for the superglue.)
but superglue will wash off in water
Why do you think so?
well I know because I have put superglue on other things that will go into water, the glue will eventualy wear off. And the super glue that i use says on the back of the package that it is not recommended for use in wet locations, but your superglue may be diff. I know that you can buy waterproof superglue from automotive stores but its almost twice as much as regular super glue in my town anyways
Step 11, relay instead of really
Sfeine:<br>You said you couldnt find a word, so heres a free one.<br>Instead of setter, catalyst. Hope it helps!<br>-Waffleman
Its better if you place the entire thing back in the case it came in, essentially expoxy it into its case, its a far stronger solid unit. I suggest epoxy putty would also be an option, you can mold it into any shape as well for a bonus, but an underlyinglayer of liquid epoxy is probably a good idea for water seal.
Why wouldnt it still work if you just left it in water without epoxy?
Look away! It's bold! lol, nice one!
Did you also water-proof the connector, and extension somehow? Because unless you are using VERY clean (as in distilled) water then that should be shorting...
no! if you water-proof it, it wouldn't connect with teh computer because the contacts will be sealed. The interference and resistance of water is too small for the signal to be disrupted (unless the water is VERY salty). I would not suggest to keep it in the water for a long time, though.
rofl thats not what I meant, you CAN get water proof connectors you know lol I meant something like soldering the 4 contacts onto some kind of waterproof connector with 4 pins (or whatever said connector uses) and then water proofing the soldered joints, and doing the same to an extension cord... Well something along the lines of that you see what i mean now? I know that if you seal the connectors it wont work lol It would be a pretty bad sealing job if it did
It will work well without the waterproof connector. The main reason why you would want to waterproof the flashdrive is that the circuits in the circuit boards corrode under water and get trashed. The USB connector is too big to be trashed by corrosion.
We are talking about actually <em>using it</em> under water aren't we? Flash drives are pretty delicate pieces of electronics, and while they can be dipped in water many times and last for years - corrosion isn't really a problem unless you are using salty water, using them under water howeveris a different story. You definitely need to waterproof the circuitry of the flash drive, and I know its only 5v but you should still use special waterproof connectors when using this thing completely submerged under water.<br/>
the corrosion is faster if there is some voltage on the contacts that are submerged in water. And as the micro-curcuits are extremely thin, they will degrade to zero in no time. But teh connectors are thick enough to resist corrosion for some amount of time.
In Popular Science I read about this knew process that will bond a water-proof mixture to surfaces but it is thin enough that even if you coat an entire flash drive it will still work. Here is a link to the company. http://www.p2ilabs.com/<br /> <br />
omg is that file "im still alive" the song from portal? or is it theparamore one. wait or is it evanecense? anyway yeah
i think its just to say the flash drive is &quot;still alive&quot;&nbsp; although the thought about the portal credits song went through my head also :)
Or just a word document :P
ha ha ha... which document reader are you using? mine is struggling to read, never mind singing...? :P<br />
what usb is that? i have one just like that from computer active<br /><br />great ible<br /><br />keep it up
sweet now i can realy call my flash drive heavy duty thanks ohh and uhura is proud of you
woohps forgot to post the picture
Hay GR8 project vary helpful i want to add some thing with the annoying drop of glue you can put some thread in it to have a hanger for your rest or what ever else
I've been doing this since flash drives hit the market. Usually the first thing I do is open the case, and fill it with epoxy, close it up, wipe off the excess, and call it a day. The only exception to that is the large capacity flash drives of mine that have 10 year warranties (16GB - 32GB) They wold me it would void it. :(
Did they also tell you that all they do with that 10 yr warranty is replace your drive... and not actually recover your data?
Yeah, been there more than once... I recently had a client's PC that had defective front USB ports FRY my 32GB Flash.... Good times.
I wouldn't plug a 32GB into a clients computer lol the fact that your clients come to you probably means there is something wrong with there computer so they could just have a virus which could in some cases infect something on your flash drive which could be a bit of a pain.
well if you have a good anti-spybot program it wont be a problem / firewall/virus protection
Well the clients computer obviously wont, so there is a high chance that your files will get infected, and when you plug the usb back into your computer some of the files may need to be deleted, see where I'm going here? And if you plug the drive into another non-infected clients computer before you plug it into yours, then they will actually get the virus.
I just read that again, and that doesn't really have anything to do with how big your flash drive is, but I'm presuming you would use such a large one for personal use...
now this would be cooool , add some food coloring to the resin and mix it in so its like a see though blue (blue for the example ; ) ) now get some super bright smd blue led's and replace the crappy red ones that come with the drives , that would be uber awesome , in fact ... i feel an instructable coming on ! lol
I did that and it looks sick!
<strong>O M G</strong> This is soooooooooo cool<br/>
it might . there is not really to much of a worry about the power wires shorting but it will (taken with a lot of resistance) bridge the all the wires , the power wires woint care apart from maybe some hho bubbles ! but the signal wires in the usb connector might get wet and anything grounding the clock signal ( D+) will kick up a fuss and refuse to work , this wont cause any permenant damage . should be fine as long as it is run with the usb connector out of the water
Awesome, thanks for publishing this!
you can leave the "annoying drop" on, and drill a lanyard hole thru it if its big enough
PopSci had this as a 5-minute project, but the just used some sort of clear spray paint sort of thing called plasti-cote
There is a sort of lacquer for electronics in pressurised spray cans. This is the best choice for making them waterproof but i don't think you have a can of this thing lying around.
I think every Flash drive has holes !?!
That's why you want to seal it with epoxy, or glue, or whatever.
No mine doesn't. Except for the hole for a key chain but you have to take the case off and that hole wouldn't be there anymore.

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