Introduction: Water Pump

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Instructions on how to create your DIY handpump for watering the garden

Step 1: What Do You Need and Prices That I Paid For

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Step 2: How Does It Work

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Step 3: Technical Drawings of the Custom Parts

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Step 4: Turning

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Step 5: Custom Parts

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Step 6: Assembling and Painting

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Step 7: Holder and Water Tube

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TheamazingS (author)2016-12-19

IS they're anywayi can make this smaller and to activate it using momentary buttons

XcI (author)2015-09-02

I know how easy it is to you race things radio buttons on iPads and smart phones are so small it's easy to do you're welcome to add me back I do enjoy your posts

XcI (author)2015-07-01

well, it looks great but what happened to the videos?

Henri-Goeminne (author)XcI2015-08-24

I removed the from my youtube account and forgot that there are linked here

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