This is basically a just a homemade water pump made from some things you might have around the house. Its useful for many things. This isn't my idea, so give credit to junits15.

What you need:

water bottle with cap
aluminum can or other metals you can cut
motor (one that spins fast?)
tubing (copper or other source...)
power source (3 - 9 volts)


hot glue gun

Step 1: Prepare the bottle cap

We only need the neck of the bottle. Cut the bottle near the top and sand it down.

Drill a hole in the middle of the bottle cap making sure its centered about the same size of the middle of the motor so it fits in. Drill a hole in the side big enough for the tubing going out. Don't forget to drill a hole in the bottle cap so the tubing can flow out.
That's was a cool experiance bro... I was really confused with the impeller area.. But u changed my mind... Because i never thought of this idea.. Thank u bro.. I need better motor to make it a lil bigger with good delivery head...
<p>vipindev what u used instead of bottle cap can u tell me</p>
Big brother , it is so good.<br>But l'm confused the motor will be operate in a water?<br>And motor willbe safe?
How to make the impeller ???????
Awesome dude! There are numerous other variants too!
<strong>how much can it pump??</strong>
<p>can we put it in the fish aquarium</p>
<p>can we put it in the fish aquarium</p>
<p>can we put it in the fish aquarium</p>
<p>can we put it in the fish aquarium</p>
<p>would this motor work?</p><p><a href="https://www.virtuabotix.com/product/virtuabotix-n20-micro-aircraft-dc-motor-3-7v-25000rpm/?gclid=CLuJm467rr8CFQuCMgod1VAA0w" rel="nofollow">https://www.virtuabotix.com/product/virtuabotix-n20-micro-aircraft-dc-motor-3-7v-25000rpm/?gclid=CLuJm467rr8CFQuCMgod1VAA0w</a></p>
Dude this was just what I needed
NICE <br>
1. What is the exact location of the impeller ? Is it exactly alongside the side tube / outlet tube or above it or below it ? Does it churn the water as one of its functions ? <br> <br>2. How high should the side / outlet tube be from the bottom / inlet tube ? <br> <br>
This is exactly what I was looking for.
What are some substitutes for plexi glass?
Did you by any chance salvage that motor from a Playstation analog controller?
How do I waterproof the shaft/bearings of the motor to prevent the water running inside the motor?
i was just looking for that<br>its nice really good like it
Thanks :D
is it water proof?
If you make everything airtight you wont have to submerge it in water. You might have to have no air bubbles in it to work well though.
no video showing an operation?<br>Anyway ... I will do to test, I need it to send air to an aquarium or simply form a water circulator for him.
rice :)
(just to tell people who read this) IT IS NOT A SUBMERSIBLE PUMP!!!!!!!!! i learned the hard way... I made a pump like this on solidworks and had it printed out. I needed a pump for an aquarium. how does the rotor stay on the shaft of the motor.
This pump wont work unless its underwater. it will work under water just make sure your power supply isn't under water... the impeller or rotor stays on by hot glue or you can try soldering it on.
you can add a longer input hose, you just need mor water pressure the longer the hose...
Is your motor certified waterproof? Otherwise, you could damage your power supply and your body. You could probably use this as a non-submersible pump if you primed it beforehand.
It wont work cuz water leaks out and makes a mess. but sealing the leaks would do. the power supply is low and wont do damage to your body..... i think....
Its all about current... if theres a path through your body, its dangerous. Seriously, be careful.
well lets say I had 9 volts with 20 amps, that is very dangerous, even more so if it is DC voltage.
Think: 9V x 20A = 180 WATTS = It`s impossible for this motor.<br/><br/>160W e-bike: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.oursbiz.com/Company/227755/Electric_Bicycle_With_26_Inch_Wheels.aspx">http://www.oursbiz.com/Company/227755/Electric_Bicycle_With_26_Inch_Wheels.aspx</a><br/>
well i didn't mean using it to power the motor, it was just an example. :)
9 volts with millions of amps= DANGEROUS. i dont think that motor is water proof. To check if it is just let it run for like a day till the battries run out and you see that the motor wont turn nemore.<br/>
almost every motor is waterproof. all of the motors I have I've tested underwater and the only problem was that they slowed down a little bit when the water got inside them beacause water is more dense then air.
use JB weld to attach it to the motor, it makes for a nice strong bond.&nbsp; Just remember to sand the parts beforehand to make for an even stronger bond.
&nbsp;about how far can it shoot water vertically is you used a fast motor and a 9v battery?<br /> <br />
depends on how long the &quot;output&quot; tube is
hey this works nice. and you can unsubmerge it if you add a piece of tubing that is a little longer to the top, i did and it still works. a little less effectively, but it works
cool.... must try it :D
Thanks for this! It's very cool. ;) I made one too. :) Pics and video are on <a href="http://jan.klementa.cz/mleko-cd-rom-mechanika-vodni-cerpadlo-d" rel="nofollow">http://jan.klementa.cz/mleko-cd-rom-mechanika-vodni-cerpadlo-d</a> :)
i made this thing and works great!! anyone know any other simple and fun tutorial like this one? :D
i guess water will go inside the motor through&nbsp; inpeller!what can i do in that case?????

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