Water Resistant Straw Fire Kit.




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Introduction: Water Resistant Straw Fire Kit.

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Water resistant fire starter kit. Throw it in a survival kit or something.

Step 1: Case

Get a straw and cut about half an inch longer then a match.

Grab a plier's and hold at one end of the straw away from the edge only a little for room to melt, Melt release the straw and scroll down:-)

Step 2: Inside

Get a match and with the box of it, cut off the striker about a match tall and 3 match's wide in width.

Second get some fluff cotton ect... and mabye put kerosene on it be creative.

Then get tape and put it around the match and striker like in the picture above.
Insert the inside into the straw and put the cotton either rapped around the match or in between the tape.

Moving on

Step 3: Finish

Pick up those pliers again and melt the straw on the second end. If you think there's not enough room for the plier's the just get your extra straw and melt some on it to seal.

Also test to see if water proof by putting it in a bathtub or filled sink.

Hope you enjoyed it! if you did don't forget to vote and comment below please Thanks if you do!:-)



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    Sorry but you are mistaken I made this by myself.