So you want to make a water rocket?

Water rockets are very fun but if used incorrectly the can be extremly dangours...
Even on the launch pad.

Step 1: Pressure Test the Make of Your Bottles

Recently i was useing really cheap fizzy drink bottles (50p or 1$)....
it didn't turn out well.
most fizzy drink bottles should not lose and shape and pressure to 140 PSI

I would not by cheap ones but mabye well known brands as they are better.

Its better to be safe than stupid.

When initially pressure testing the rocket, fill it with water. If it explodes it will be less catastrophic.

Nice, but this is more of a safety how to rather than an instruction how to. Good point on the bottle puffing out tho.
thanx... i have changed it to water rocket safety
No, you changed it to" water rocket SAFTY"
haha I noticed too. <br>
I was hoping for more. You have not really touched on any important issues. perhaps you could consider.<br/><br/><strong>Never leave rocket in the sun for extended period of time. The bottles warp, the plastic become unstable.</strong><br/><br/>Do not continue using the same rocket for many months on end. Your joints/bottles receive fractures from impact, the plastic also deteriorates ending in blow outs.<br/><br/>Use only glues suitable for joining bottle plastics. This glue also needs to be pressure rated, not just able to glue plastic.<br/><br/>When initially pressure testing the rocket, fill it with water. If it explodes it will be less catastrophic.<br/><br/>Never pressurize a rocket with someone in its immediate vacinity.<br/>Never check a loaded rocket, with your head above it. Chances are it will go off when you are checking it.<br/>Never unless there is no other option, approach a loaded rocket.<br/><br/>Children are unpredictable, they are likely to run in and grab a loaded rocket.<br/><br/>Check local restrictions before launching in a public area.<br/><br/>Check surrounding area before launching, if wind picks up at height, i've had rockets drift hundreds of metres on the wind, ending up no-where near where I had expected.<br/><strong></strong><br/><br/>Just some tips off the top of my head... I like the principal of your I'ble, just wish you had join a tad further with it.... remember you can edit, feel free to use some of my ideas if you want.<br/>
Thank you I will change it now
and planing

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