Water Rocket With Boosters





Introduction: Water Rocket With Boosters

This water rocket contains of three boster to get it very very high. Hopefully.

Step 1: Materials

For this rocket you need:

3-small water bottles
some straws
tape or glue
wire (I used paperclips if u use paperclips u need about 6 medium ones)
1-completed water rocket


Step 2: Paperclips

Bend the paperclips into a u shape,

l l
l l
l l

They should look like my picture above.
Make them 1 inch tall and 1/4 inch wide.
Also u need 6.

Step 3: Straws

Cut the straw into 1inch tall peices.

You will need 6 of these.


Step 4: Placement on Water Rocket

Atach the straws to the sides of the bottle.

Step 5: Placement on Bosters

Attach the paperclips in the u shape onto the bottles like in the pictures.
Two paperclips per bottle.

Step 6: Your Done!

To attach the bosters to your rocket.



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    Also, this post should be a lesson to others that you shouldn't just automatically trust that everyone on instructables.com knows what they are doing. Someone could get hurt following your instructions on this rocket....I wouldn't trust it, simply from the part where you (user who posted this) said:

    "i'm realy sorry it was my first instructable. I just wanted to make one. If you want i will delete the instruct able."

    If you're going to rip someone else's work....at least learn how to upload photos that help.

    What are the exact materials for this rocket???

    This content is not yours. Those pictures and diagrams belong to air commands. This is copyright infringement.

    1 reply

    I just realized this has already been stated, but I have a point.


    Pretty detailed drawings

    how high can it go

    I made a water rocket with boosters from aircommands website....
    I used paino wire and carbonfibre tubes.

    You can see it on my instructable 'Professional water rocket guide'

    It seems you have "borrowed" these pictures without permission. It would be interesting to see if you really built this with straws and paper clips. There are very strong forces involved here.

    im realy sorry it was my first instructable. I just wanted to make one.
    If you want i will delete the instructable.


    PS: Do you know how to post a video?

     Do paperclips and straws really hold up to the immense pressure, and also what is the nozzle that is on the middle bottle cause I can't read the pictures

    4 replies

    nice thinking, for some reason it wont let me make it bigger

     So is it a gardena Valve? is it the generic hookup for like an aircompressor, to hook up to an air nailer?

    thats the basic idea