Water vortex (tornado) Machine

I was interested in tornadoes and wanted to make a tornado machine but it was technically too difficult or not rewarding enough for my taste. Instead I built a number of water (tornado) machines and added LED's and such to them.  I have attached some videos from my youtube account and hope that you enjoy all my hard work. Also, this is my first ever contribution to this site so please keep the criticism constructive.

This is my first, and smaller, vortex machine.  The amount of liquid in the container is about 1 liter.  No sound in the video.

Same machine, still no sound.  cool LEDs and speed control via potentiometer.

This one has blue LEDs and is quite a bit larger.  It holds 2 liters and is constructed out of a 2 liter bottle and a 10K RPM hobby motor. This model had it's own power supply module which should be exhibited in the video. Please excuse my language I didn't know I would be posting these videos "for the internets" when I originally made them.

Ok this video is the one with the foul language so be aware before playing for small kids.  This shows the machine a bit better though. Please comment and let me know how I can improve or what you might like to see as I make custom electronic designs and or electro-mechanical machines. Thanks for watching

The purpose of an Instructable is to show how to make things, as I'm sure you would find evidenced by the other Instructables on this website. If you could edit this one to show how you make one of the machines, that would be much appreciated. Otherwise, if you just would like to display your gadgets, your YouTube videos standing alone on the YouTube website would be sufficient for that task.
Thanks for watching! Have a great day.
Please post an instructable on this
show us how to make it :)
Nice work! But if Water vortex run it then put in FREEZE! What look like?
it would look like FROZEN one.
Great instructable! by the way, I believe the word is 'whirlpool', but it doesn't matter :)

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