Water Your House Plants With Natural Organic Fertilizer for Free





Introduction: Water Your House Plants With Natural Organic Fertilizer for Free

What you need is a soda bottle, a measuring cup or scale, a funnel, some water and some urine.

Step 1: Fill the Soda With Water

Fill a 2 liter soda bottle with water right up to the top of the label. This will give you about 1.7 litters.

Step 2: Get Some Urine

Pee is full of urine. Pee in a measuring cup until you have 300 ml. If you can not pee this much at one time hide the cup near the commode and try again later to add more pee to get a total of 300 ml, or get out your calculator and use the following formula to determine how much fertilizer solution you can make with whatever amount of urine you've got and how much water you need.

300/2000 is 0.15 or 15 percent of the total volume we need to fill a 2 liter bottle.

Say you only have 100 ml of urine. Divide 100 by 0.15 to get 666.6. This is the total amount of solution you need.

Now calculate how much water you need by subtracting 100 from 666.6 to get 566.6 ml of water.

Pour out the 1.7 ml of water and pour in the 100 ml of urine. Then measure 566.6 liters of water and pour it back in the soda bottle.

Now you have 666.6 milliliters of natural fertilizer solution you can water house plants with.

Be sure to label the soda bottle so no one will think it is lemon soda and take a drink by mistake.

You can also use this fertilizer solution to fertilize your lawn and other plants outdoors for free.

Step 3: Now Make Some of Your Own "Dark Earth"

If you really want to make stuff grow don't stop here by just using urine. To make stuff really grow add your urine to 2 part regular soil and 1 part powdered biochar by weight, not volume. Biochar is like charcoal but made entirely from organic waste matter with all the bio-oil separated and removed. Unlike some charcoal you buy at the store, biochar does not have special additives like oil that help it burn better.

Mix your soil and biochar and then soak it in the urine you have made so the carbon particles can become saturated with nitrogen and phosphorous and other minerals in the urine. Use this mixture as a very rich potting soil but be careful not to over concentrate the urine. One neat thing about this potting soil is that after bacteria start growing you will not have to add any more fertilizer and can reuse this potting soil over and over again without it becoming depleted.



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    my body expels carbon dioxide, better keep that away from your plants too.....


    Apparently you've drunk too much urine and your brain fried. That is simply impossible. Urea is one of the best forms of nitrogenates to nourish a plant. We expel it because our metabolism digests...the plants reconstitute...are able of fixing nitrogen as protein.

    yeah, that's a good answer ! Anyway excess of salt is expelled by kidney and that may be not so good on a long period in a dry climate for some plants, so don't
    eat too salty. I never seen someone salting a garden.

    and what about dogs in a rainy ? May be it could be safe.

    Our bodies expel what they do not need. This includes excess vitamins and minerals. Who says the surplus nutrients cannot be of use to another being? Do you have a reason why urine would kill plants?

    There seems to be some confusion about pee. Yes, it contains nitrogen-rich urea, vitamins, and minerals that are great for plants. Urine also where the excess protons in your body get dumped. So this "burned" affect your seeing is probably the plant's reaction to the decreased pH levels in the soil. Although, if you're drinking enough water this should not be a major issue.

    Of course everyone's pee is different. The content of your urine is dependent on your diet, metabolism, and water intake.

    Hope this was helpful!

    Ever had a dog who would pee in the same spot every time? You'd get a burned spot on your grass. And most disgusting, my male room mate burned up my plants on either side of my front door. The reason, so if his dogs got out they'd find way home. It's tough living with a guy!

    You're dead wrong. Dog urine is different from human. We take in different things then they do. Urine in flower gardens and such are fine, but I wouldn't do it on food. Plus if it's a little diluted then it definetly won't do any damage.

    ones body also expells faeces. Still plants grow on it. The fact that it is expelled by the one, doesn't mean it is bad for th eother