Have you ever dreamed of having your rocket? Well now you can! All you need is some household items to make a high-flying water rocket. This is a pretty easy project that can be done in 30 minutes of less.
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Step 1: Get the Materials

In order to build this cool rocket, you'll probably have everything you need at home. These are the materials you need.


2 2-litter pop bottles- You can use any size, just make sure both are the same size, though. I like 2-litters best because they go the highest. Try experimenting with different sizes.

Duct tape- The ultimate tape.

Hot glue gun with glue for it

Cardboard- Find the sturdiest.

X-Acto knife

After you get the hot glue gun, you should probably plug it in. This way it's hot when you're ready to use it.

Step 4: Glue the Fins

Now, if you plugged the glue gun in earlier, it should be hot by now. If you didn't, you'll have to wait for it to heat up.

To glue the fins on, simply choose a side of your fins that you want to glue on. (Use the same side for all of the fins.) Then, put a good bead of glue on the fin and press it onto the duct tape. Make sure that the fins are all the same height and that they are parallel with the rocket. If they are tilted, the rocket might spin.
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great spot

Nice Work Great Job sir.

This is awesome

Awesome DIy Loved it

nice work dude..

nice one i like this..

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Nice one..

lovely stuff

johnsonpaul2 months ago

always sharing this type of stuff

great stuff

GrahamAbbey2 months ago

i think this i sone the best

Rejanblink4 months ago

Can you give the links to the required materials please.. much appreciated

Cringojames4 months ago

water rocket.. yes yes yes

Davementor4 months ago

amazing technique

StevenMccan4 months ago

Lovely collection

KanwarSingh4 months ago

like your post :)!!!!!!

HarryLaine5 months ago

Nice collection bro :)!!!!!!!

indiadumbells5 months ago

gr8 stuff.. :-)

awesome project rockss

Alexisanchez6 months ago

awesome man

loved it all the way

nice work!!

Emziii3 years ago
Hey do u hav 2 use a hot glue gun? If not plz tell meh sum otha glues i can use. Would duct tape work okay?
Emziii Emziii3 years ago
Please answer asap
qwertyboy (author)  Emziii3 years ago
Duct tape might work, but I just used hot glue because I could hold the fin in place while the glue hardened.
chipf5 years ago
a estes model rocket launch pad works great for these just glue a pc of straw on the side. i made one with 20 oz. bottles and used this method. me and my 2 boys are making one from a 5 gallon water jug now to try.
gigocorp5 years ago
Do you put the duct tape on to keep the hot glue from melting the bottle? Or does the duct tape have a different purpose?
qwertyboy (author)  gigocorp5 years ago
it is to help with removal if you want to try different fins
Oh, I see. Nice idea. A while back I tried to make one and the hot glue melted and disfigured the plastic. But my glue gun is a high-heat glue gun. I figured I'd eventually buy a low-heat glue gun and try again. Maybe we'll test the high-heat glue gun with the duct tape to see if that will protect the plastic. Thanks for a simple and straightforward Instructable.
floopy2905 years ago
I have made some of these but smaller out of little water bottles and a tiny pump. I put a hole large enough for the hose to go through in the bottle cap and filled the bottle 1/4 way with water. I then put the hose into the hole (which had a tight fit) and started pumping. After the bottle was presurized (feel that it is hard to squeeze) I placed it so that the water was at the end with the hole in it and pulled out the hose (you better be wearing water-proof clothing.) The rocket shot into the air! If you have a question ask me!
LILhazY5 years ago
LuenDe5 years ago
how it works
DIYerr5 years ago
THIS is kewl. I get to make one for a school project, and I was wondering if any of you know a way to make them whistle as they fly. I am kinda thinking of whistling arrowheads from China. I think a simple hole in the side of the nosecone should work, but I'm not sure. If anyone has ideas please reply?
well i was at my friends and he has nerf darts that wistle u should look those up and think something similar and this could slow down your rocket
very nice and simple, I like the fins. Have you flown it yet? I guess I mean do you know if the fins work? they look like they should
qwertyboy (author)  KaptinScarlet6 years ago
no, i havent flow this one yet because i'm not finished with my launch pad, but i've flown ones with the same fin design and they work
If i put the lid on the nose cone will that improve performance?? cuz it look like itll add drag.
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