Step 6: You're Done!

Picture of You're Done!
After you tape the cone on and the glue hardens, you're done! Take the rocket outside and launch it. I'm currently making an Instructable on a launcher, but you can probably find other great ones online! Remember, be safe and have fun!

I assume no responsibility for injures. Make and launch this at your own risk. I've never had a rocket explode, but that doesn't mean that they can't.
floopy2906 years ago
I have made some of these but smaller out of little water bottles and a tiny pump. I put a hole large enough for the hose to go through in the bottle cap and filled the bottle 1/4 way with water. I then put the hose into the hole (which had a tight fit) and started pumping. After the bottle was presurized (feel that it is hard to squeeze) I placed it so that the water was at the end with the hole in it and pulled out the hose (you better be wearing water-proof clothing.) The rocket shot into the air! If you have a question ask me!
LuenDe6 years ago
how it works