This is a really easy technique for making painted cards that look very professional! It is also my new favorite technique for combining digital design and painting: using the Silhouette digital paper cutter to cut vinyl stickers as paint masks on watercolor paper.

The results are extremely crisp. There is absolutely zero bleeding, even if you use a ton of water. It really surprised me how well the vinyl keeps out the watercolor.

You'll need a digital paper cutter like the Silhouette, some watercolor paper and paints and some adhesive vinyl.

Step 1: Create the Designs

The main tool here is a digital paper cutter. I've got the Silhouette Portrait, but there are many, many others. I like the Silhouette because their software is very easy to use, and they have a pretty extensive design store.

I used the Silhouette design app to create a few different stencils to try (screenshot above). I tiled several of each and selected "Silhouette Vinyl" as the material.

<p>Awesome! I like it</p>
<p>I got some watercolor sticks for Christmas and this will be a great way to use them.</p>
<p>These look amazing! It's a pity I don't have the vinyl stickers, but I guess I can make do with other materials. I need to make 15 cards in 3 days, and I was scouring the internet for something fast and easy. I'm so glad I found this Instructable. Thanks a lot!</p>
<p>Damn these look good! I think I might employ a similar idea for more than holiday cards. Thanks!</p>
<p>Gorgeous! I love this idea.</p><p>Another way to make pretty watercolor holiday cards would be to do this a bit backwards: paint blocks of pretty colors on a piece of paper, then cut the shapes out of those and glue them on a card.</p>
<p>i really like the final result. very professional looking. so plain yet colorful</p>
So cute! I love this! Will make=)

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