Watercolor Paper Clamps FREE





Introduction: Watercolor Paper Clamps FREE

Taping paper to a board to paint seems a bit excessive sometimes, but something is necessary to keep the paper from curling and warping like crazy. Here is my solution.

Step 1: The Hangers

Those clip hangers that come with some clothes usually get tossed in my house. So let's recycle, and cut off the clips. I cant find a use for the leftover middles yet. Any ideas?

I have a bandsaw to cut them with, but a hacksaw will do the job. Cut slowly and be careful of those fingers.

Step 2: Clip the Paper and Go!

Clip the paper to a board or whatever you have laying around and start painting.

The part of the clip that touches the paper is plastic so it wont leave any rust stains.

Now you can remove and re-clip works in progress whenever you want. Can't do that with tape.

Happy Painting!



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    I do the same thing with them! haha...and use them as chip clips :)

    Great idea for another project. great for chip clips & more. Feel free to use the idea. Tks!