Watercolor Unicorn Mask + Free Printable




Introduction: Watercolor Unicorn Mask + Free Printable

On this instructable I'll show you a fun craft that will make any little girl smile. It's the perfect activity for a unicorn themed party or for a rainy day.

I already made the design and I'm sharing it with you to make your life easier! You are welcome!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Watercolor paper



Paint palette


Elastic thread

Step 2: Print

Begin by cutting out a watercolor paper the size of a letter paper. Feed the printer with the watercolor paper and print this file I made.

I love my watercolor crayons, (gelatos by Faber Castell) there are so many different ways to use them and the bright colors are perfect for kids projects.

I'll show you how I make them work as normal watercolors. Even though I love how they color directly into the paper, I like to add variety.

I color the bottom of the wells with different colours. Then just add some drops of warm water.

Step 3: This Is the Fun Part

Now the girls can have fun painting their unicorns.

Step 4: Cut

When the watercolors are dry, it's time to cut out the masks.

Make a hole where I draw a circle and tie the elastic as shown in the picture.

That's it. Craft time is over, now the little unicorns are ready to play!



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