Watering Bucket


Introduction: Watering Bucket

This a tutorial that helps you to produce a equivalent to a watering can, or a procuct that could be used to take outdoor showers.

Step 1: Chosing the Bucket

Get a bucket of your own choice.

Step 2: Making Holes

With a drill, make several holes. The number of holes will determinate the amount of water leaking, so you should test it from time to time.

Step 3: Use It

Done! Your watering bucket is ready, if your bucket is large enough, you could use it to take outdoor showers. Enjoy!

CD-UFPR- Gabriel Fantini



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    Love it, but how do you stop all the water from running out between hose/faucet and plants you want to water?

    Handy! And it probably works better than the lousy, leaking watering can that I have :)

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