Watering Plants With Waterbottle Hack


Introduction: Watering Plants With Waterbottle Hack

Have an old plastic waterbottle hanging around? Use it in this amazing hack!

Step 1: Preparing the Water Bottle

So basically to make the watering contraption, you poke 5-7 holes in a plastic water bottle. Now you can either do this with a pen or, cut slits in the bottle with an exacto knife.

Step 2: Watering!!

How this works: So, you want to put the water bottle inside the ground by where your plants are growing. Then, every time you water plants, instead of going to everyone and worrying if it got enough water, you just pour it in the waterbottle and it sprays water out of the holes!



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    I do not have plants, therfore I did not have the need to put it all the way into the ground. However if you are doing this, you will need it in the ground.

    Can you provide a link to a clear image of the original art/directions?

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