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This instructable arises from the need to have something that is halfway between a watering can traditional and a rubber for water, combining the advantages of one to the other without presenting large incidents.
It's a watering can that is continuously fed through a rubber
the water that fills continuously but that, if we stop to rest for a bit until you upload is full and no overflows.

Step 1: The heart of the system

Picture of The heart of the system
Immagine 001.jpg
The heart of the whole construction is the tap propelled by a float that is used in the water tank discharge the W.C.
The second image shows how will their tubes, but, of course, still lacks something.
grgbpm1 year ago

genius !

RoBear6132 years ago
Even though this is essentially reinventing the wheel (it's known as a hose end sprayer - many variations) for the Macgyver aspect I'd have to say, brilliant. Who would have thought to add a toilet (wc) float to the can reservoir. This way you get the convenience of a hose end sprayer (never ending water supply), a shut off and a lower water pressure (the watering can itself).

powerfool5 years ago
It's beatiful :) Well done!!
torx (author)  powerfool5 years ago
Thank you my friend. : )
bertus52x115 years ago
At first I thought "Why?. Then when I thought a bit longer, I thought "Smart!".
I like it!
torx (author)  bertus52x115 years ago

Thank you bertus.
I am using these days and is really handy!


rickharris5 years ago
Interesting, but you can buy  this weird thing to put on the end of the hose which sprays water all over the garden! :-)
torx (author)  rickharris5 years ago
Yes, I know. indeed with that tool does and is not even heavy as a watering can, however I wanted to prove himself to make it happen to have the satisfaction of water with the delicacy of the aspersorium and without having to load never.Thank you.
Poogle torx5 years ago
 I know that probably English is not a very familiar language to you, I would like to say that I really loved the way this comment is phrased. and I think this idea - of using the automatic valve shutoff of a WC(toilet) tank for any vessel is brilliant.
torx (author)  Poogle5 years ago
Thanks, you're human!
I've heard of those!
Cut the top off and have an always full water dish for pets, or in one of those capillary action watering trays.  I like.
 I love it! If you could find a quick release for the hose with a valve, it would be nice and portable, too.
mikeasaurus5 years ago
A clever adaptation, the float is a nice touch. Any issues with the float when container is tipped?

Maybe consider installing a hose-bib on the container to shut the water off a backup if you're away from the house.

torx (author)  mikeasaurus5 years ago
Yes, probably some small change can be helpful. Please note however, that is a realization experimental rather than a finished product. Thanks for the compliments to you.
derte845 years ago
not so usefull, but I like it! :)