This instructable arises from the need to have something that is halfway between a watering can traditional and a rubber for water, combining the advantages of one to the other without presenting large incidents.
It's a watering can that is continuously fed through a rubber
the water that fills continuously but that, if we stop to rest for a bit until you upload is full and no overflows.

Step 1: The Heart of the System

The heart of the whole construction is the tap propelled by a float that is used in the water tank discharge the W.C.
The second image shows how will their tubes, but, of course, still lacks something.
<p>genius !</p>
Even though this is essentially reinventing the wheel (it's known as a hose end sprayer - many variations) for the Macgyver aspect I'd have to say, brilliant. Who would have thought to add a toilet (wc) float to the can reservoir. This way you get the convenience of a hose end sprayer (never ending water supply), a shut off and a lower water pressure (the watering can itself). <br> <br>Kudos.
It's beatiful :) Well done!!
Thank you my friend. : )
At first I thought &quot;<strong>Why</strong>?. Then when I thought a bit longer, I thought &quot;<strong>Smart</strong>!&quot;.<br /> I like it!
<p>Thank you bertus.<br /> I am using these days and is really handy!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Interesting, but you can buy&nbsp; this weird thing to put on the end of the hose which sprays water all over the garden! :-)<br />
Yes, I know. indeed with that tool does and is not even heavy as a watering can, however I wanted to prove himself to make it happen to have the satisfaction of water with the delicacy of the aspersorium and without having to load never.Thank you.
&nbsp;I know that probably English is not a very familiar language to you, I would like to say that I really loved the way this comment is phrased. and I think this idea - of using the automatic valve shutoff of a WC(toilet) tank for any vessel is brilliant.
Thanks, you're human!
I've heard of those!<br />
Cut the top off and have an always full water dish for pets, or in one of those capillary action watering trays.&nbsp; I like.
&nbsp;I love it! If you could find a quick&nbsp;release&nbsp;for the hose with a valve, it would be nice and portable, too.
A clever adaptation, the float is a nice touch. Any issues with the float when container is tipped?<br /> <br /> Maybe consider installing a hose-bib on the container to shut the water off a backup if you're away from the house.<br /> <br /> <br />
Yes, probably some small change can be helpful. Please note however, that is a realization experimental rather than a finished product. Thanks for the compliments to you.
not so usefull, but I like it! :)<br />

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