I like to have a little bit of green in the office, so I keep these two small plants around on my desk. I used to water the plants with an empty water bottle, which works okay, but it's tricky to avoid spills. I figured I should probably get a proper watering can, but it'd be way too large for just two small plants .. which is how I ended up with a watering cup :) Let's make one!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

This instructable is a quick and easy one; all you need is this:

  • Plastic glass/cup/mug
  • A pen you don't need anymore (.. or some other kind of small plastic tube)
  • Drill (It doesn't even have to be an electric one.)
  • Hacksaw
  • Small file (for filing plastic)
  • Pencil
  • All-purpose glue (as long as it glues plastics and is waterproof)
  • Sandpaper
<p>That's a great Idea, I have this small indoor plant and I use a water bottle to water it, I always end up with water on the floor! </p>
<p>Lovely! And it opens itself to all kinds of decoration- add &quot;eyes&quot; and &quot;ears&quot;, make it pink, and you have a piggy, etc.</p>
<p>Oh, that's a great idea! Make it blue, add big ears, eyes, some tusks and you have an elephant; you could make a whole zoo :) Would be nice to let children take care of their own plant with one of these.</p>
Good idea! I'm kicking myself for not having thought of it myself.
Very cool! Perfect for watering my small indoor succulents!

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