Watermark T Shirt





Introduction: Watermark T Shirt

Make this fun t shirt in just a few steps. I found this project on u-createcrafts.com

You will need:
A plain white t shirt
Elmer's Blue Gel Glue (must use this type of glue)
Fabric Dye
A piece of cardboard or plastic to place in between your shirt

Step 1: Write or Draw on Your T Shirt

Wet your t shirt thoroughly and ring out. Place your cardboard or plastic (I used a plastic garbage bag) in between your shirt so the Blue Gel Glue does not go through to the back of the shirt.

Write a name, a poem, a quote or draw a simple picture with the Blue Gel. Let dry completely...can take up to a couple of hours.

Step 2: Dye!

Once the Elmer's Blue Gel Glue is completely dry, it's time to dye your shirt. Follow the instructions on your dye package.

The Blue Gel Glue should come off in the process. If not, once the shirt is "dyed and dried", wash your shirt and it will come off.




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Hey WickedFabala! that came out great!!

Hmm. Maybe the outline of the text would be more defined if we used glue gun? What do you think? :)

well, it's a special glue you have to use so you would have to try to transfer that glue to a glue gun...that won't work.

I wonder if it would work with a glue gun, not sure the glue would wash away

Yes, most people think that's what this is.

Nice i use candle wax as well it gives the same effect....i took this idea from batik tehnique!I melt my in slow cooker and then add in on a brush!It's a option 2!

Thank you so much. I took your advice and entered! Wish me luck.

Love this idea. Cant wait to try it, just need to find the glue!

i found it at Michaels Craft Store. Good luck!

Oo love this idea. Going to have to try this in one of my projects.