Watermellon Burger


Introduction: Watermellon Burger

Time for a vegie type burger with a caribean flare.

Step 1: Ingredients

1 4"x4" chunk watermelon 1.5" thick

1/2 cup rice flour

1/2 tsp cloves

1/2 tsp nutmeg

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp ginger powder

4 slices cooked bacon

1/4 cup diced sauteed red onion

2 tbsp diced chervil

4 green leaf lettuce leafs

Step 2: Lets Make Em

Mix spices in flour. Coat watermelon with flour. Fry in skillet over medium high heat in 1tbsp olive oil until light brown on both sides. Lay two lettuce leafs on a plate top with watermelon chunk. Add slices on bacon, onion and chervil. Top with other lettuce leafs.

You can eat while watermelon is still warm or let it chill. Try both and find what you like. This dish is great because you have the Caribean flavor from the spices, the smokey of the bacon, onion and some hidden flavor which is the chervil. Most people taste it but can't put their finger on what it is. Basicly, it is a explosion on flavor in your mouth. Try this tasty and wonderful vegie burger from the islands.



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    Hmm sounds delicious, and they look so pretty! Thanks for sharing!