Picture of Watermelon Brain
This watermelon will make a great substitute for a cake at your next halloween party. With only a watermelon, a paring knife, and a little patience you can make this awesome, eerie looking fruit that will have your party guests in awe. So follow this instructable to learn how to make it. 
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Step 1: Selecting a melon

Picture of Selecting a melon
For the materials all you need is a regular paring knife, a vegetable peeler, a cutting board and a watermelon that is slightly longer than it is wide, you know brain shaped. this is the water melon I used.

Step 2: Peeling the melon

Picture of Peeling the melon
To peel the melon peel it as you would peel any other fruit. just larger. You must peel of all of the green skin, and a little bit of the white rind until just a tiny bit of read can be seen through the white. This will give your brain a nice pinkish brain color. Peeling takes a long time but it does not need to be perfect. The general idea is just git rid of the green skin. 

Step 3:

Picture of
When you are finished peeling it should look like this. 

Step 4: The brain pattern

Picture of The brain pattern
There are many different ways to carve the brain into the water melon. The way that  I did it was to first carve a line down the middle to divide it into two hemispheres. The best way to carve is to cut using wedges. This is the best way to let the red show while still making a nice clean line. 

Step 5: Carving

Picture of carving
After you have created the line, you can carve any pattern of brain you would like. A quick google image search is generally a good way to find a carveable brain to replicate. In general though, squiggly lines look relatively brain-like. To carve well it requires a lot of patience because you cant erase what you have carved so it is best to take it slow. After a while your carving should start to come along. 

Step 6:

Picture of
After a while you are done and you can plate your brain however you would like. 
Enjoy carving your own watermelon brains. please comment if you have any suggestions or ideas for future projects. thanks

.Jak1 year ago

Good thing I keep a regular stock of water melons(sinister laugh).

Zing Queen1 year ago
Hannibal Lecter would be proud!
poofrabbit2 years ago
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
Could you use a potato peeler or does it not work on watermelons.
mashcon5 (author)  Zaphod Beetlebrox2 years ago
To be honest, in my potato peeling history, I have used what I thought was a regular vegetable peeler. If it works similarly to a vegetable peeler though, it should work.
doo da do2 years ago
Now that is thinking outside the box. Great job!!
zomfibame2 years ago
coolest water melon, ... ever.
Daniel Zf2 years ago
Add some watermellon or any red jello to the plate where serving and it'll work as blood, also this will keep it healthy by not adding too much sugar to the dish.
sealman2 years ago
Great job!! very cool!! Awesome idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Such a good idea! Love it!
Pandroe2 years ago
Freaking AWESOME!
PrplOrchid2 years ago
Very COOL!!!