Watermelon Crunchy-Soft Dessert Squares

Picture of Watermelon Crunchy-Soft Dessert Squares

Watermelon is one of my favorite fruit. The high water content makes you feel hydrated when it gets really hot.

Here I have made a dessert Squares with watermelon. This is a perfect dessert after a heavy meal. It is very light and refreshing. It is crunchy at the base and soft above. The combination of the texture is great. I hope you try it also.

For presentation I just stacked them as I found them cute that way.

If you like this recipe do vote for me in the contests it is in. :) Thank you!

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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients

Preparation Time - 15 minutes

Cooking Time - 10 minutes

Total Time - 1 hour


Milk- 1/2 Cup

Watermelon juice - 1 Cup

Gelatine - 1/2 Tbsp

sugar - 1/4 cup (or) little more based on the sweetness of watermelon

Marie Biscuit/ Graham Crackers - 70 Grams

Butter - 1/4 Cup

Corn Flour - 1 Tbsp

Lemon Juice - 1/2 Tsp




Silicon Mold/ Baking Dish

Step 2: Crush

Picture of Crush

The first step is to crush the biscuit or the graham cracker.

Break them into small pieces and with help of a mixer crush them into rough grainy texture.

Do not make it too fine.

Step 3: Crumble

Picture of Crumble

Add the lightly melted butter to the crush mixture. Bring them together to form a crumbly texture.

When pressed together they should hold. If not add more butter.

Step 4: To bake

Picture of To bake

Now grease the silicone mold. I have a square mold.

So I decided to make the squares in them.

Take little of the crumble mixture and place it in the mold.

Lightly press it to form the square shape and remove air bubbles.


See that the dish you take has sufficient height. This is because the whole process of making the squares will be continued in the same dish.

You can even use a baking dish of any size. Follow the same steps done with the mold. At the end cut them into squares.

Step 5: Bake

Picture of Bake

Preheat the oven at 180 degree Celsius.

Now bake the square crust for 5-10 minute till firm. Keep checking in between.

Let it cool.

Ayushi Sharma9 months ago

looks yummy..well done..:)

Passion Make (author)  Ayushi Sharma9 months ago
Thank you :) Glad you liked it.
BakeitUp9 months ago

Wow. Looks delicious :) Love the presentation.

Passion Make (author)  BakeitUp9 months ago
Thank you :)
alojzyhenryk9 months ago
No to ruin the praise From the peeps but a part of the dish was supposed to be chervile, although they do look tempting.
Passion Make (author)  alojzyhenryk9 months ago
It seems chervil is needed only for the judges' prize it seems. Otherwise the contest is open for any watermelon dishes. I had asked the contest admin about the same. Trying to give you information I recieved. :)
ehudwill9 months ago

Sounds good, I would like to try these.

Passion Make (author)  ehudwill9 months ago

Thank you :) Do try it out.

786Ayesha9 months ago

I must try this,as I have enough and more watermelon.I wonder when?

Passion Make (author)  786Ayesha9 months ago

Do try it out! :)

Passion Make (author)  786Ayesha9 months ago

Do try it out! :)

tofugami9 months ago
This watermelon bar looks mouth-watering.
Passion Make (author)  tofugami9 months ago

Thank you :)

lindarose929 months ago

They look so good!! I will probably try to make them :)

Where can they be stored if they are not all eaten right away?

Passion Make (author)  lindarose929 months ago
Thank you :) Since we are using gelatin it is best to store in the refrigerator. Take out the squares which you will be serving. The rest you can store in the refrigerator in the mold itself or in the baking dish you are using. If you are planning to store then it would be better to make this in a baking dish. You can cut out squares from it and store the rest.

That's exactly what I was thinking of since I don't have those cute molds :) Thank you for the infos! I will let you know if/when I make them :)

Passion Make (author)  lindarose929 months ago

Thank you :) Glad it was of help to you.