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I love watermelon; it's big, juicy, and bright red. Watermelon is just one of those fruits you eat and can only think of happy thoughts. So I has a lot of happy thoughts when I created this watermelon cupcake. Sunshine... Happy faces... Friends. I just love how pretty the cupcakes turned out. And they were delicious too.

Yes, I know watermelon and cupcake doesn't seem like a possible combination and I had my doubts too. But in the end, with one bite, I knew it was a winning combination.

Get your apron tied on because we are heading into the kitchen to bake up some yummy Watermelon Cupcakes using real watermelon.

Step 1: Ingredients

For the Cake:

1 seedless Watermelon

White Cupcake Mix (plus 2 egg whites and 1/3 cup oil)

Red Gel Food Dye

2/3 cups Mini Chocolate Chips

1-4 drops Watermelon Flavor Oil

For the Frosting:

5-6 tbsp of reduced watermelon juice (step shown how later)

1 cup Shortening or Butter

2 tsp Vanilla

2 cup Powder Sugar

Green Gel Food Dye

2-5 drops Watermelon Flavor Oil

Tip: I recommend the gel food dye because it has less liquid and a little goes a long way in coloring the cupcake.

Tip: Watermelon has a very mild flavor which is hard to translate into a cupcake. I know this because the first batch of cupcakes I made, I couldn't tell that there was any watermelon in it at all. So I kicked up the flavor by using the watermelon flavor oil. It is very strong so we are talking only drops. In the batter you could use less. In the frosting I used more so that it had more watermelon flavor.

Tip: In the frosting I used shortening but I'm a butter gal. I just hate to waste food and I have a tub of shortening that needs to be used. You can use margarine too if you want.

<p>What a fun idea! But I think the colors look a bit too chemical for food!</p>
<p>I have to agree with you. Alas pretty much everything has food dye nowadays. Even meat has it. If you prefer not to have the additional dye, you don't have to. I wish there was a more natural way to do the color. And this wasn't as bad as the fire truck marshmallow fondant cake I made for my nephew this Saturday. Beautiful fire engine red color took a ton of color gel. </p>
<p>It look watermelon! I gonna try it. Can i know how many gram flour mix do you need?</p>
<p>Its so cute ..</p>
<p>They surely are.</p>
<p>Cup cake looks delicious and cute.. I love it lot :)</p>
<p>Thank you, Bhawya. I'm already a big fan of you. </p>
Wow they look soo nice I'm deffenatly going to try :)
<p>Thank you. I appreciate the comment and please post pictures when you do.</p>
<p>I LOVE watermellon. I am going to try this. Thumbs up to you for the idea. Where did you get Watermellon Oil?? I have never seen it.</p>
<p>Thank you for the thumbs up. You can get watermelon oil from the baking section of Michael's or from Amazon. Michaels almost always offers a 40% off coupon you can use your cell phone to show at the register which makes for a great deal. Amazon is more expensive. </p>
<p>A yummy addition to my crepes.</p>
<p>Thank you. I'm sure they are.</p>
<p>Yummy! Kids will love to eat the watermelon themed cup cakes/</p>
<p>They surely will. Great for back to school to share with the new classroom too.</p>
<p>These look so scrumptious! Thanks for sharing :D</p>
<p>You are welcome. Feels good to know that in less 24 hours it's already got 1200 plus views. Don't forget to follow me if you love cupcakes and other DIY.</p>
Yummy I am hungry now?
<p>:-) Quick, to the kitchen!</p>
Wow! Those r #cool!!!
<p>Thank you. :-) </p>
<p>Those look so cute and tasty! Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>You are welcome. :-) </p>

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