Picture of Watermelon Fruit Basket
This instructable will show you how to make a Watermelon Fruit Basket, which can be used as a centerpiece for your next brunch.  With just a few easy steps you can create this delicious conversation piece in no time.  

Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
1 large watermelon
sharp paring knife
1 melon baller
1 ball point pen( a color light enough to see but unobtrusive helps.  We used Green)
1 large bowl
various fruits prepared and cubed ( I used honeydew melon balls, fresh pineapple, and peeled orange segments)
philanderm2 years ago
splazem4 years ago
Great for picnics, I would assume.
TheBaldFish (author)  splazem4 years ago
Fair assumption. It is pretty good for any occasion where you need something pretty but also something delicious. Since watermelons are spring/summer fruit it makes a good picnic choice, but seriously, take it anywhere and your basket will be the talk of the event. It really is good for just about any social event due to how versatile it can be. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy one you make one day!
Your right, and if I make one I will be sure to post pictures!
ElvenChild4 years ago
It looks great but I however personally think it would look better without the handle. I voted for you and that mushroom cupcake guy. Thanks for your time.
TheBaldFish (author)  ElvenChild4 years ago
I thought so too after all was said and done. I think a whale could had been salvaged out of this, but I do have another watermelon so I might be able to make that happen...Maybe I will make another one...

Thanks for the vote, much obliged.
nbaer4 years ago
Wow, really like the pictures and the easy to follow instructions. Also...where can I get that awesome apron?
TheBaldFish (author)  nbaer4 years ago
The apron is from bed bath and beyond! Thanks