Introduction: Watermelon Hat

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Step 1: Cut the Watermelon

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After you wash and dry your watermelon cut it in half.

Step 2: Empty the Watermelon

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Take an ice cream scoop and scoop out all of the watermelon. Don't waste the watermelon though, eat it or freeze it!!!

Step 3: Smooth Out the Watermelon

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Remove all the red/pink deliciousness until the inside is solid white/light green.

Step 4: Put on Head

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Wash out melon until clean and put it on your head. Don't forget to make funny faces and smile.


robertdmwill (author)2014-11-17

This is just called being from Saskatchewan and being a riders fan...

phoenyxashe (author)2014-06-19

I saw this and thought of the game "Don't Starve!"

The add-in for it has a watermelon hat, to help stay cool.

lswashbuckle (author)2014-06-11

Lol... Ok sure why not

Raphango (author)2013-10-25

Better wait for the watermelon to dry before putting it in your head, or you gonna have your hair smelling a watermelon aroma.


obiquitous (author)2013-07-28

omg, gurl! you are flippin' HILARIOUS! I simply love your instructable--best laugh I've had all day! thank you so much & keep up the good work! you rock!

Kiteman (author)2013-07-27


Thattonedude (author)2013-07-27

This instructable is a little out there...but at least you look adorable with half a watermelon on your head.

hotstuff5721 (author)2013-07-27

New trend ! Just kidding lol!

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