Watermelon Jerky

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Ever wonder what dehydrated watermelon is like? Watermelon jerky is a great way to experience a condensed watermelon flavor, and is a great healthy snack!

For this recipe I used:
  • 2 watermelons
  • sea salt
Yup, thats it! This snack is super sweet, and treat that disappears quickly!
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Step 1: Tools needed!

Picture of Tools needed!
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For this instructable I used the following kitchen tools:
  • A dehydrator, with non-stick sheets, and a timer that shuts the dehydrator off when its done
  • A sharp knife chopping
  • A good little paring knife

Step 2: Cut the Watermelon

Picture of Cut the Watermelon
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Everyone has a different approach to slicing a watermelon. I like to cut off one of the ends and then stand it up on its end, and start quartering the melon.

I cut it in half, then those halves in half - then make 1" slices.

The small pieces can get a little toasted in the dehydrator, so you may need to discard your ends.

Step 3: Remove the rind, put on the trays.

Picture of Remove the rind, put on the trays.
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Take the rind of with a nice paring knife, and then use the chopping knife to get slices down to about 1/4" thick.

After they were on the trays, I decided to salt about 1/2 of the the watermelon I sliced up. Salted watermelon was one of my favorite treats as a kid, and I wanted to see what it would taste like once it turned into jerky.

Step 4: Put in the dehydrator

Picture of Put in the dehydrator
Each dehydrator is different. I used an Excalibur Dehydrator Model D900SHD, it has 9 trays, and is wicked awesome. I set it to dehydrate the Watermelon for 18 hours at 135ºF.

Try and time it so you can get a good nap in, and dream of great watermelon flavor.

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lbrewer4211 months ago

I wonder if a car dashboard parked in the sun would not serve as a dehydrator for this?

HowToBen11 months ago

Watermelon is 90 percent water.

Eacon1 year ago
Wow, it indeed looks very flesh-like in dehydrated from!
I too would be interested in a version for the oven. Anyone got any experience? I imagine something like 18 hours at 135ºF would work in a normal oven as well.
kmyers6 Eacon11 months ago

mite long as temp 135 and oven has a fan its the fan that is doing the job more than heat.

oldmicah Eacon1 year ago
Our oven, even when on 'warm' is still closer to 200 degrees. The other challenge you might run into is I don't think that the oven is going to a dry enough environment. I don't have a dehydrator and would love to be wrong on this one.
kdimock11 months ago

i would love to know how to do this without a dehydrator. Any tips?

use your oven put it on just warm and it should get to the 135 degrees and then just keep checking on it. the tray maybe some kind of a screen type of tray

JustDaveN kdimock11 months ago

An oven at it's lowest temp (usually the "Warm" setting, which is usually about 170) may do the trick.

Crack open the oven to reduce the temperature a bit (depending on it's control system) but moreover to allow moisture to escape.

also check out "alton brown food dehydrator" on google.

PinchOfChili11 months ago

I have been wondering whether this would work – and it does!

Sarah C J11 months ago

I bet, brushed with a combo of soy/rice vinager/garlic/sesame oil this would taste a LOT like beef jerky

dan_w841 year ago

I have only recently brought a dehydrator, (for some reason they are not as popular over here in the UK) and have been trying out all sorts of fruit, I didn’t consider watermelon due to the amount of moisture it holds, I will be giving this ago over the weekend now :)

bob30301 year ago
I like this idea. I've always enjoy dried fruit. I'm gonna give it a try. Thanks for posting.
Bagman20141 year ago
Is it possible with an oven? Or do you need a dehydrator?
audreyobscura (author)  Bagman20141 year ago
I have since tried this with my oven, and it didnt work. :( I think it is because I have a gas oven - maybe try it with an electric one.
Love those trays for your Excaliber - I have the plastic ones but like the ones you have much better!

Ovens will work for those who don't have a dehydrator but leave the door open a bit so the temp stays low. For the round machines you need to move the trays a lot. Air movement included with heat helps the jerky dry better.

Will try this very soon. TY!
saversa1 year ago
Awesome recipe. I didn't think I would be able to do watermelon, since there is so much water. Worked perfectly, though. The only different thing I did was after cutting the wedges, I cut those in half as well. This way I ended up with "more" pieces. Excellent taste. Thank you for sharing :)
user8667531 year ago
I joked with my daughter recently that I was going to dry watermelon while I was making fruit leather. I am so glad you posted this because I now know it is possible! I'm also going to try muskmelon because they are coming into season where I live. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this great Instructibles.
pbilling1 year ago
Is that parchment paper you have them on? Good job on the site, very funny "videos"!
audreyobscura (author)  pbilling1 year ago
It is actually the non-stick sheets that came with the dehydrator, parchment paper with a little non-stick spray should work too.
Mtalus1 year ago
My gal still thinks I'm crazy but at least now she knows I'm not alone. I prefer salted, and on my cantaloupe jerky a little soy sauce.
audreyobscura (author)  Mtalus1 year ago
Soy Sauce! Genius. I am allergic to cantaloupe and honeydew (and most other melon, actually), but that sounds delicious!
kazmataz2 years ago
When you dehydrate watermelon, does it just become melon?
OK....that was pretty funny!!
agulesin1 year ago
A dehydrator... I'm sure those with such devices (never heard of them!) would be able to do this without an instructable.

What about the "general public"? can we do the same thing in an oven??
ruarctb1 year ago
I love watermelon, and my mind is blown that you could dehydrate and condense the flavor. Great instructable.
ruarctb1 year ago
The only proper way to discard fresh watermelon is by putting it in your mouth.

annieannie1 year ago
I have one of those smaller round dehydrators that has like 6 layers ( basket style) and with no timer, could I use that also? If so, how many hours would I need to do it for with that style of dehydrator? It looks like this:
audreyobscura (author)  annieannie1 year ago
ive never had success with that style of dehydrator.... i would just put it in and check it every six hours or so.....
I will give it a whirl and see what happens. Thanks :)
audreyobscura (author)  annieannie1 year ago
ive never had success with that style of dehydrator.... i would just put it in and check it every six hours or so.....
Sorry I forgot to add the photo of my dehydrator
Sarah C J1 year ago
If you made it thinner and wider, would it work as a food wrap (like sushi seeweed or a tortilla)?
This sounds like another use for Tajín spice mix. It is mostly crystallized lime juice, with chopped chile pepper and sea salt. Found in the Mexican food section.
Looks yummy! ;)
Melon....withOUT the water.
james.rasa1 year ago
lol, it is not a airmelon :D
E Major1 year ago
Ooooooohhhhhhhhh . . . . Sounds yummy!
Kuberkoos1 year ago
Nope, it's waterlessmelom!:-)
If salt's a problem for you, it works just fine without it - but it DOES add a very nice flavor
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