Watermelon Lemonade





Introduction: Watermelon Lemonade

I love lemonade and I love watermelon. I had a bunch of watermelon sitting around, so I thought I would see how watermelon lemonade tasted. Results? Watermelon lemonade is tasty and very refreshing!

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Step 1: Supplies

I'm going to give you my proportions and you can increase and decrease your batch as you'd like. Also, you can change it up to suit your tastes (want it sweeter or tarter, just change it up to work for you).



Step 2: Prep Lemon Juice

Before you can make your lemonade you need your juices.

Juice your lemons if you are going to use them. The amount of juice you get will vary by lemon. When I made my frozen lemonade, it looks like it took 8 of my lemons to get 1 cup of lemon juice.

Step 3: Prep Watermelon

You are going to need your watermelon juice to make the lemonade. You can just throw the watermelons into the lemonade and blend it all together or pre-blend them so you can get a strained liquid.

I used Paige Russell's Watermelon Juice Instructable when I went to juice my watermelon, but here is what I did anyway.

Cut up your watermelon into smaller pieces (they don't have to be small, just small enough to fit nicely in a blender). I actually precut mine and since I did that, some watermelon juice/water leaked out of them. You don't need liquid to blend the watermelon, but I put this juice in the blender with the pieces to help the blending along. Also, it is fine if you get some of the white rind because it's all going to get blended together anyway.

Throw your pieces in the blender and blend until well blended (so much blending!).

Use a mesh sieve to strain the juice from the pulp. Your results will vary, but for me 2c of watermelon pieces (plus some leaked watermelon water) = 1 1/4c Watermelon Juice.

I had to strain my blended watermelon in batches because I just couldn't fit it all in the strainer and measuring cup at the same time. I put all the pulp aside as I went, and when I had it all strained, I threw all the pulp back in the strainer and strained that one more time (I like to get the most out of everything I use).

Step 4: Mix Your Lemonade

Time to mix all your parts together: watermelon juice, lemon juice, water, and simple syrup.

Stir it up when you are done so everything is all mixed!

Garnish with lemon slices and watermelon wedges and you're done!

Step 5: Enjoy

Don't those colors look great together!

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I gonna make it this weekend :X

I always want a glass whenever I look as well :)

Your pictures are looking really good. What camera are you shooting with these days?

Thank you :) I shoot with the same old Nikon D90 that I got from my husband as a college graduation gift :) (I also sometimes use a waterproof Nikon camera, but this project was all shot with the D90.)

Missed something, pour 1 ounce of Tequila & Ice cubes. You're wellcome.

Haha! Always an option for most summery drinks :)

Anyone else dying of thirst just reading this ?! It looks so good, it needs a tiny unbrella though, lol jk

Ha, thanks! Now that you mention it, a tiny umbrella would be perfect for this drink :)