Watermelon Nail Art





Introduction: Watermelon Nail Art

A fun, fresh, and easy summer manicure!

Step 1: Painting Your Base

1. Paint a base coat in a dark pink shade. (The great thing about this manicure is you can really use any polish color in the pink-red family!)

2. Layer your glitter polish.

Step 2: The French Tip

3. Using dark green polish, line the tips of your nail.

4. Using a white Migi nail art pen (or whatever you have), create a second, thinner line.

Step 3: The Seedlings

5. Using a black Migi nail art pen (or whatever you have), create the seeds by making a teardrop shape. I did this by first making a dot, and then continuing my dot outwards a little bit.
6. Finish up by cleaning up the cuticle and topping it off with clear coat.



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    awesome job at painting all the seeds AMAZING!!!!!!!!

    Thank you! & I think you definitely should!

    Excellent,I would streak a little lime green with a fine brush onto the nail tips for a more authentic look........but then again maybe i am too fussy...lol

    I actually thought about doing that! It would be way cute!