Picture of Watermelon Slices Cake with Buttercream Frosting
Watermelon Cake-Cover.jpg
Watermelon Cake_0078.jpg
This cake is one of my favorites to make.
I’ve made it several times before, and I have gotten wonderful feedback of how “beautiful” it looks and how wonderful it tastes.  Little do the connoisseurs know how EASY it was to make too!

I wrote this instructable for two purposes.  To describe and show how to make the Best Buttercream Frosting ever and how to make and decorate the Watermelon Slices Cake.

This particular cake I made for my son’s schools cake walk.  I’ve made it before for work picnics, bake sales, and summer family gatherings.

If you’re here to make the Best Buttercream Frosting ever, check out Steps 1 and 2.

The whole cake can be made in one evening, if you purchase pre-made white frosting.  I put the estimated times it takes to make the components of the cake in each step.

The original recipe came from a book I’ve had for years, and I was fortunate to find the recipe on the internet for you all to see.  It’s a Betty Crocker recipe and can be found here: Watermelon Cake.

Please note that this cake doesn’t taste anything like a watermelon (unless you add watermelon jell-o flavoring.)  It just looks like a slice of one.  Enjoy!