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Bombe is a dessert made of different layers of ice cream or sorbet. So here I am presenting a watermelon Bombe. It looks just like a watermelon. I love the contrast in colors. I am sure this will be a huge hit for a party or a celebration. Reveal the bombe as a surprise and you can surely get your guests go Wooow! While cutting a wedge out of the bombe you can reveal the treasure inside.

It is simple and an stunning summer dessert . I have made the layers with vanilla ice cream and watermelon-lemon sorbet.

I have done the watermelon sorbet bombe without a plastic wrap. To get a perfect dome shape I have presented here another technique.

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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients

Watermelon Sorbet Bombe

Vanilla Ice Cream - 2 Cup

Food colors - Apple Green, Red (1 drop)

Watermelon Sorbet - 1 cup

Chocolate Chips - 1/4 Cup

How to make Watermelon Sorbet?
Water - 1/2 Cup

Sugar - 1/2 Cup

Honey - 1 Tsp

Watermelon Juice - 1 Cup

Lemon Juice - 1 Tbsp



Mixer/Food Processor

Looks awesome!! U should be really proud of yourself!!!:)?
BakeitUp (author)  spaceofhearts1 year ago

Thank you. I was Excited seeing the outcome :D

neo716651 year ago
Mom does this the lazy way Lol . She just uses store bought lime, pineapple, and raspberry sherbet.
BakeitUp (author)  neo716651 year ago

The original recipe calls for those ingredients. I tried to incorporate the watermelon :D

Y'all must read the same magazine. This version tasting like watermelon is on our to do list. I emailed it to her last night and we both agree it sounds much better. I will note she leaves the "seeds" out because all the old people at family gatherings complained about almost chipping teeth after its been in the freezer all night. Looking forward to trying your recipe.
BakeitUp (author)  neo716651 year ago

Yes. Do try it out :) A good frozen dessert!

Bhawya1 year ago

Very nice!

BakeitUp (author)  Bhawya1 year ago

Thank you :)

Super fun! :)

BakeitUp (author)  doodlecraft1 year ago

Thanks :D

Absolutely stunning dessert :)

BakeitUp (author)  Passion Make1 year ago

Thank you :)