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I cannot have enough watermelon during summers! Summer is enjoyable only because of watermelons, i hope everybody who loves watermelon will agree!

Watermelon Lassi just another amazing way to add watermelon to an already interesting drink,

Lassi is an (North) Indian yogurt drink, it can be sweet or salty and generally those are made of yummy mangoes! adding watermelons was really out of the world, the little

You need

Watermelon (seedless) finely chopped 1 cup

Plain yogurt (greek) 1 cup


Sugar 1/4 cup and adjust according to watermelon sweetness

Step 1: How To

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Blend the yogurt, sugar and melon in blender and drink it up!

Or you can freeze them and eat like pops! they were best both way! kids will love it!

Have a fun summer, try them and let me know!


Yum, this looks delicious!

thanks, and yes it was!

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