Introduction: Waterproof Camera Float

Step 1: The Things You Will Need

Pool noodle, a pair scissors, some para cord, a clip, and a lighter.

Step 2: Thread the Noodle

Loop the pair cord and thread it through the noodle with the loop going in first.

Step 3:

Put the other ends of the para cord through the looped end of the Para cord you pushed through the noodle.

Step 4:

With the para cord equal on both sides make a small incision with your scissors on the noodle placing the para cord into the incisions

Step 5:

Tie the clip onto the loose ends of the para cord.

Step 6:

After tying on the clip cut off the excess para cord and burn the ends with a lighter.

Step 7: Time to Test

It maybe hard to see in this photo but the noodle holds up the camera very well. It would be easy to spot floating down the river or in a lake. Check out video on YouTube:


stickytrickey made it!(author)2013-08-11

Great Idea, thanks for sharing ;-)

flstumpjumper made it!(author)2013-05-24

ok I guess it does have to be said: ONLY USE WITH A WATERPROOF CAMREA !

JasonofOa made it!(author)2013-05-23

I think the idea in the end is that you wouldn't lose your pictures from the S.D. card. I'd drather just lose a camera than both camera and memories.

Skittles1978 made it!(author)2013-05-09

My head goes right to the thought "do people need to be told they need to have a water proof camera to use this effectively?"

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