Picture of Waterproof Camping Fire Straws!
Warning: I am not liable for injuries using the lighter. Try at your own risk. This project should not be done without adult supervision.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
• pliers
• straws
• scissors
• lighter
• drier lint or cotton balls work best ( can use petroleum jelly)

Step 2: Cut Straw

Picture of Cut Straw
Cut straw to about 2 inches

Step 3: Fusing

Picture of Fusing
Take pliers and hold straw about 1.5 mm from end and use lighter to fuse ends together

Step 4: Stuffing

Picture of Stuffing
Stuff fused straw with desired flammable material

Step 5: Final Fusing

Stuff flammable material way back into the straw so it will not ignite during fusing. Finally fuse the end to reveal final product!
jbelew1 year ago
I'm not really a fan of burning plastic as a form of appreciating nature. It seems a bit backwards.