Introduction: Waterproof Camping Fire Straws!

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Warning: I am not liable for injuries using the lighter. Try at your own risk. This project should not be done without adult supervision.

Step 1: Materials

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• pliers
• straws
• scissors
• lighter
• drier lint or cotton balls work best ( can use petroleum jelly)

Step 2: Cut Straw

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Cut straw to about 2 inches

Step 3: Fusing

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Take pliers and hold straw about 1.5 mm from end and use lighter to fuse ends together

Step 4: Stuffing

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Stuff fused straw with desired flammable material

Step 5: Final Fusing

Stuff flammable material way back into the straw so it will not ignite during fusing. Finally fuse the end to reveal final product!


jbelew (author)2014-01-08

I'm not really a fan of burning plastic as a form of appreciating nature. It seems a bit backwards.

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