Waterproof Container Hack


Introduction: Waterproof Container Hack

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Waterproof Small Container for storing small items: salt, mouth wash, matches, pills, neosporin, etc.

Great for camping, traveling or storing items for emergency.

Items required:




Step 1:

Pick any size straw and decide what you want to store in it.

Step 2:

Take pliers and grab one side of the straw, use a lighter to heat up that side until it bonds together.

Step 3:

Place item/items in the straw. Grab other side of the straw with pliers and use lighter to heat up the straw until it bonds together.



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    I used this hack this last weekend when I went camping. Colour coded the straws and bundled then with some paracord. Fit nicely in a side pouch on my backpack. Thanks for the hack.

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