Waterproof, Crash-proof, Homemade Drone Airframe





Introduction: Waterproof, Crash-proof, Homemade Drone Airframe

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Game of Drones Ep. 2 - Indestructible Drone Design & Testing

"Ride 'em hard and put 'em away wet.  They're just drones"

The Game of Drones team make a drone that can fly in a rainstorm, get hit with paintballs, land in water and fall out of the sky over and over again without sustaining damage.  It's a whole new paradigm in amateur UAV design and is the first true indestructible drone for the masses.  Made with little more than garage tools, each frame costs less than $50 and can out-perform many other frames costing $1000 of dollars.



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    a material body ? what brand of engines ?

    What's the body made of?

    pls tell how to make it

    cool would like to know how to build one

    Impressive, particularly the waterproof feature.

    whats the overall cost and how do you build one?

    Is there any way for you to put up a 3D scan of the airframe on here? I would love to see how this performs when 3D printed.