I have never had to make an emergency fire and I hope you will never have to either, but it is always good to be prepared. This instructable describes how easy it is to be prepared with a Waterproof Emergency Fire Tinder Bundle. There are several steps to making this tinder bundle, but they are easy enough that you can complete them in about an hour. The one I made for this demonstration should be enough to start 30-60 fires, depending on conditions. The bundle is made as a center pull bundle so you can pull a piece of the tinder out with out destroying the bundle itself. It is made waterproof with paraffin wax.

Here is a demonstration of using the bundle. (note the glass of water that the bundle starts in

Step 1: Gather Materials

Here is a list of materials you will need:

1: Spool of jute twine. ( I used about 10 ft to make this bundle)
2: Short length of braided cord of some type. (something with a tight weave that is fairly smooth)
3 Paraffin Wax ( this can be found at most craft stores, my wife had some left over from making candles so I took a couple of ounces.
I'm definitely going to have to try this. A waterproof tinder dispenser? I have plenty of room in my pack for such a useful tool. +1 over here.
Nice work. From the photo, I thought the tinder was stuffed into a condom.
hahahaha oh man, the same to me. When I realized it was wax I thought, oh wow it's even more brilliant.
Me to lol
My wife walked by and thought it was a "how to" on smuggling drugs into prison. I thought it was a medieval tampon. Joking aside, the video proves its worth, good job.
Thanks, this was very helpful
Looks like a small blunt lol :)
i always carry a road flare in my back pocket... just in case.
I've used a road flare to start a fire in a very heavy rain. Very handy!
So how well does it work without an active flame to ignite it?<br><br>It seems to catch fire well, but a demonstration with a firesteel or other waterproof survival method would be nice.
reminds me of wrapped weed
If your looks like that, I pity you, and give props to your dealer.... he's been making a killing off selling you shake for years!
no offense but this looks like a baggie of pot. I'm not saying it is or trying to be mean but that is what it looks like.
quite nice! although it would have looked more impressive if you used flint and knife to make sparks
although not as apealing it actually came in handy when I had to make a fire ( that day, it was raining and my friend was caught in a bear trap.)
This is awesome!
I tried it but i dipped it in water to start and then when I pulled out the twine it got wet. But that was one out of 5 times great idea!
from my testing, even if the twine was wet, the wax that saturated in to the bundle during waterproofing acts as an added fuel. Just be sure to get all of the fibers separated out quite well and it should light even if it is wet.
ok cool! I'll try it.
Ahh yes, but are the matches you used to light it going to work when they are wet? I did not think so.
You can waterproof matches by dipping the heads in the same paraffin wax I dipped the bundle in. However, I don't use matches on the trail. I use either a lighter or a Magnesium & Flint fire starter. But thank you for the comment.
high road taken. good for you.
U can always use flint and steel, or firesteel keychain (ad thats conveniently on instructables), or a magnesium fire starter, or a lighter, or a bowdrill...
Interesting idea, it is also good to use for making rabbit traps or trip falls, should you put it in a Pocket Sized survival kit. Good out of the box thinking.
Good luck!
Very nice addition to a lightweight all-weather camping kit!

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