Hello everyone, this is my first project so bear with me.

A few friends and I decided to go camping later this week, and after my last camping trip I realized the difficulty in starting a fire without the right stuff. After looking around on the internet for some tips I decided to try to create my own little firestarting kit. I knew that it needed to carry everything I might need to start a fire, and it would ideally be waterproof. I found a little Pelican case I had gotten for my iPod a while ago, and decided to use that as my container. You can use pretty much any sort of box (I've heard Altoids tins work well) that is small and easy to carry or strap onto your pack. Really whatever works for you. This is a nice size, it can fit a lot of stuff, and it's definitely going to be water-resistant, which is key. The last thing you want is your book of matches soaking wet when you need to start a fire.

Step 1: What You'll Need

So for this you'll need a few things: your case (pictured here is my Pelican i1010 case), your firestarting materials (shown here: flint and steel, lighter, matches), a craft knife/box cutter/really sharp knife, silicone sealant, and a dime (or other small, circular object).

*NB: The dime is only used if you've got this case or something similar to it, as you'll see in the next step.
Great Instructable, Thanks! :) I have invested in an <a href="http://www.otterbox.com/OtterBox-Drybox-1000/OTR3-1000S,default,pd.html?dwvar_OTR3-1000S_color=01&start=1&cgid=otterbox-1000-cases" rel="nofollow">Otter Box</a>&nbsp;to use as a case as I don't trust my DIY ability - but the contents of the box was a great help, thanks a lot. I hope we are lucky enough to enjoy many years of firestarting in the future!
I've only just realised how much that makes me sound like a Pyromaniac rather than an outdoor enthusiast!?
Thank you! And don't worry, nothing wrong with giving it a shot! But Otter Box is definitely a great value, as well as other Pelican boxes. <br> <br>
Just wanted to add that I used this on my camping trip and it worked out great! I left it outside for the night and it poured for most of the night, and the next day I opened it up and it was still dry. Helped me start a breakfast fire too!
You should enter this in the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Scoochmaroo-Challenge-Fathers-Day/">Father's Day Challenge</a>!
I didn't know there was one! Thanks!
Why would you remove the purge valve? doesn't this compromise the waterproof-ness of the pelican box? those valves are there to help with pressure equalization, and are one way.
Mine didn't actually have a purge valve, it only had a hookup for headphones. But yeah removing one of those would not be a good idea. I didn't realize they had anything like that, this was the first case I had bought from them.

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