Picture of Waterproof Match Box (Shotgun Shells)
This is a cool way to store/carry your matches on your outdoor adventures. Its waterproof and you can even pack some firelighting tinder into it as well. But the best bit is that its made out of shotgun shells.

What you will need:
2 Shotgun Shells (used!) 
1 Box of Matches
1 Candle 
1 Knife
1 Pliers
1-2 Cotton Balls
1 Sticky Tape

Shotgun Shells are easy to come by, if you don't shoot, you could contact a gun club, they should be able to supply you with as many as you need.

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Step 1: The Striking Card

Picture of The Striking Card
Open the box of matches and flatten the outer sleeve. With a knife or scissors cut through the box, removing the striking surface and a flap of card. This flap should be the same size as the striking surface. Fold the flap over the striking surface and tape it closed. There should be no striking surface exposed (if there is it may cause the matches to ignite in transit!).
Place to one side. 

Step 2: Trim The Shell

Picture of Trim The Shell
Unless you are using extra-long matches you will need to trim the shotgun shell down to size. You can do this by cutting off the crimped (open) end. To get an idea of how much you need to trim, measure the striking card against the side of the shell. Be careful not to cut too much off, too big is better than too small as you can always pack more cotton wool in the gap. 

Step 3: Pack The Matches

Picture of Pack The Matches
Start by packing a ball of cotton wool down to the bottom of the shell, this will help stop the matches rattling around in the box. Then fill the shell with your matches. Place them in head first. When it is nearly full, pack the striking card into the shell with the matches (this is why it is necessary to cover all the striking surface).
myoung5422 days ago
can you still do this with unused shells that have been emptied?
VentureScout (author)  myoung5422 days ago
I sure you could, I have never tried. You would need to make sure it's completely empty as you will be heating the cap with a candle.
Creak5 months ago
This is the first 'ible that addresses accidental match ignition as well as a real emergency fire starter. Its sealed in a way that prevents novel use as a "cool match box." Nicely done
VentureScout (author)  Creak5 months ago
Thanks for the comment
natis4139 months ago
May I give a small suggestion maybe you can rub vasoline on the cotton and press it firmly into little balls and coat them in candle wax I made hundreds of them very useful fire starters what I do is push a match stick through one strike it and cover in paper I find it nearly fool proof
VentureScout (author)  natis4139 months ago
Thanks natis413, that's a good idea, I will try it out.
CSI worker1 year ago